WIP Wed -Some progress


This is my layout of the Friendship Supernova Swap blocks. I am not sure I have it right or if I like my scrappy border so I am letting is stew a bit. It might be better from a better camera angle but it is too too cold outside if you catch my drift? :)

Half the blocks were made by my now friend Jennifer under the Juniper tree

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  1. I love the bright colors with the navy background. It's really pretty.

  2. really pretty - the colours pop so nicely against the background.

  3. I like the scrappy border. Those are such gorgeous blocks, Kris. You and Jennifer do nice work!

  4. Wonderful colors, the blocks are so bright and vivid on the dark background. Looking forward to see more! Barbora

  5. Love the pattern & colors. Stewing recently has become my middle name!!!

  6. it's looking great, love the colours

  7. This quilt makes me so happy, I can't wait to finish it! I'm totally copying your layout, by the way. It looks great!

  8. It's_snow funny. I caught your drift. Your supernovas must have caused you to have snowflakes on your mind since they look so similar. Except snowflakes tent to be monotone. I love the colors. Very, very pretty.


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