Not boring - Ironing board

Table topper I made for my niece for Christmas. I didn't give it to her until recently so that is why I had to wait to show it off now.

New Ironing surface!!!!!! yeah...happy new year to me! :)

Today my project was to try to clean up my sewing room a tiny bit. I moved my ironing board over to get into a corner and sure enough, stepped on the ironing board leg and the whole thing went over and everything on it went flying. So I told my husband I was going to Target to get the wire rack I had seen. Bonus it was on sale for $5 off!!  We had an old piece of particle board in the garage that I was saving just for this. It was left over from our shed we built a few years ago. I took out some old d├ęcor fabrics I had. I decided to go bright and springy and this piece was left from a display from a job I did once. So rack on sale, board free, fabric free! I used some old batting that was odd shaped and I added a piece of Insul-bright. Stapled that baby together and now I have a big flat non tippy surface....PLUS, two shelves of storage. I am going to go back and get a wire basket to put those little things I use by the iron in. So as of right now I spent under 35.00. :) Whoop whoop!


  1. Great idea for an ironing board, much more stable than the usual rocky ones!

  2. Lovely! Great colors. I love the matchstick quilting, too.

  3. Nice table topper! I like those diamonds in the corners. And your new ironing board is genius! The big ironing surface and storage underneath is going to work really well.


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