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Something ...Anything - Finish


A finished top..Yeah

Today I put the last couple borders on my experimental charm quilt design. Top is finished as planned!

I was hoarding the "Little Black Dress" charm packs for a while and wanted to experiment with my own design. Since this fabric is sort of "formal" to me I am stewing over how I want to quilt this. I think I want to practice some feathers and see if that will work for at least part of it. I am pretty critical of my FMQing work so this might not come to fruition any time soon. ;)

My photos are not all that great to show off the colors of this line of fabric but it is Yummy!  I just love it. I am so happy to have a top finished. I am going to work on some Christmas presents and practice some FMQing as soon as my machine gets back from service. Yes, finally the wrench/hammer icon came on...I don't have a choice I have to take it in. I am sad!  Guess it means to go put my design cap on and get creative.

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A Lovely Year of Finishes - Nov goal

November goal setting party time already. I am not sure what I am doing with this little bit of "Little Black Dress" fabric I have but I AM going to make something. I am thinking at least to get some kind of top done. We will see.

According to the quilt market this month there will be a new line -"Little Black Dress II" coming out. This alone has motivated me to get going on something. In my previous posts I am trying not to hoard my favorite stuff. It will be great to enjoy it when it is in a completed project...right? I will keep telling myself. How about you? Hoard it as fabric or make it and love it??

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Finish it up Friday - Playing the Scales

I am a tiny bit late to the Friday party. I finished the quilt in the morning, took some pictures of it to post last night but went out to dinner first. Came home looked at the photos and the front photo was missing. I had a camera glitch while taking it and silly me, did not check it out. So today I had to wait for some daylight and then decided to wash it first. Well.......the washer would not spin and drain so still getting to posting this before lunch. If you see a quilt in this post then I guess all is well!

This is my first big quilt using low volume pieces with some mid to dark range prints. I was hoarding this FQ pack of Textures by Angela Walters for something but I didn't know what. With all the hoopla over the Fall quilt market right now, I realized that some of my favorite designers are coming out with new lines. Yikes...more hoarding or facing the music and getting something created. I opted for creating. 

Playing the  scales is a pattern tutorial posted recently by: Me…