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Finish before Friday

I am so excited to have this finish. This is an improv piece I did for our local Modern Quilt group challenge.  I was not sure how this was going to go. I started out just piecing a few things and then the more I added the more it brought back memories of the bridge that crosses over the Missouri River near my childhood home. It is a rare double decker bridge that believe me, struck fear in my heart more than once growing up.  

This is a view from the South Dakota side. The risers were running that section up and down until the 80's.  The lower level was originally for rail traffic but than never happened by the time the bridge was almost finished so it is one way traffic on top and bottom.  The bottom has a super scary metal grate for a huge portion of it...thus the plaid fabric representing the grid near the bottom of my piece. Upper level with an up close view of the structure of the risers. I tried to include some of this structure in my piece as well as the worn pavement with…

Slow slow WIP

Last night our guild met up and had a little make and take mug rug project. I made this one up for the sample and just had the binding to finish.   I have been so out of tune with sewing for the whole month that it just feels good to actually finish something no matter how small.  :)

Finally have a bit of sunshine to go with that little accomplishment!
I used Allison's tutorial on how to bind back to front from her blog Cluck Cluck Sew

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