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MIA - and a bit of Joy and Happiness

Here I am!! This has been a crazy fall and winter. Still working on the kitchen and dining room remodel. Slow going but almost there.  Some hold-ups along the way like a swollen pinkie finger that is impeding all that I do. Who knew that finger was such a big deal?  Besides that I really have not felt the best but on good days I have been working on a few things. 

I made a single ornament block for a holiday mini from the free patterns HERE at Sew Kind of Wonderful using the Quick Curve Ruler. I taught a class in Nov for a lqg on helpful tips in using the ruler.  On this sample I used metallic thread that gave me fits! I am not sure what I was doing wrong but eventually I finished the organic lines. whew...

For the class I created a simple block using only a few curves. The focus was on tips to achieving easy curves. I used some holiday fabric in this one and when finished gave as a door prize. 

My friend Kath won the door prize! 15 x 15
This is a 4 block sample of the same pattern made w…