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A Lovely Year of Finishes = June finished top

I did it! I completed the top for the DYO Sampler from SewMamaSew Summer SAL designed by Sarah from Sarah Quilts HERE. I followed quite a bit of her block size layouts because I had quite a few orphan blocks that fit those sizes. 

This top is made up of some orphan blocks from the 2012 Craftsy BOM and some old blocks I learned how to make from my mom. Other blocks are just scrap pieces I put together in an improv way.  I tried to get the balance of colors to play across the quilt top. Not sure I succeeded....BUT,I did use a lot of scraps and blocks. However, like most scrap projects, I still have lots of scraps from this.   sigh.......

My goal for June was to get the top done and maybe the backing. I have a couple leftover blocks for the back that I will work into the scrappy back.  I have to wait for a bit to tackle the back because this is so much bigger than I thought it would be. It is going to be a monster for me to quilt so I might have to think on it a bit. Linking up with   HER…

My Favorite Quilt

My Favorite quilt is usually the quilt I am currently working on right now.  Sometimes though, one stays with you for some reason. This one was a QAL and made from scraps. It just all came together for me and the colors melted together so nicely.  It really is a favorite.

Tell us about your favorite quilt. When did you make it? What pattern did you use? What fabrics?I made this quilt through a QAL called The Barn Door QAL held by Sarah @Sarah Quilts HERE earlier this year. I wanted to use just scrap fabrics that I already had. I didn't really have any idea that I had such cool fabrics!
What memories or people does the quilt make you think of?This quilt is so different from anything I have ever done before I think my mom would have liked how unusual it is. I wish she could have seen it so I think of her often when I look at this quilt.
What do you like best about the quilt? One of the best things about this quilt to me is the color blends and the over all effect of the design. I call…

WIP Wed ...or what you are doing when you are really doing nothing too productive!

First of all I actually did do something productive..I finished my great nieces "Ducky" fleece robe. I think it turned out super cute and I hope it still fits her when she needs it.

Then things kind of went down hill from there. I am working on a quilt but I am not ready to share that yet. It is a lot of pieces and it will only really make sense when the top is done so I am not sharing it quite yet. So instead, I was going to share today with all of you my experiment with the lovely vegetable red/pink dye of the beets we cooked last night. I just did not want to waste the beautiful color so I got out my pretreated fabric and did some tie-dye wraps...and then I forgot about putting them in the dye after dinner.

Let's just say overnight it turned into a not so beautiful brownish prune color. So to actually do something I got out some turquoise spray dye and some yellow liquid dye and set to work on one of the pieces.

Only in my first stage here. I just heat set it after wr…

Classic block finish for disaster

Classic Block this month is actually 2: Snowball and 9 patch Check out SewCanShe BOM page

I started with a couple blocks and fabric from my stash to try out the tutorial

The top went together pretty fast. The whole while I am doing this I am thinking this will be a quilt to go the disaster relief quilt drive for Beaver Creeks tornado families. I finished in the afternoon and only a few hours later more weather disasters. Lots of devastation!  Beaver Creek story Pilger twin tornado story One of my guilds 'The Omaha Modern quilt guild'  is working with Quilts of Compassion to provide storm touched families with quilts. For more information you can go to "Cerulean Sky" 46" x 64" stash fabrics Wavy line walking foot quilting Scrappy back A little bit of beauty and surprise. I have never tried to grow calla lilies but this one wants to bloom before it is even up out of the leaves. linking up with Fabric Tuesday at Quilt story here a…

WIP jumble of projects

Section 3 of my DYO Sampler hosted by SewMamaSew  HERE and Sarah from Sarah Quits blog. I can't believe I have made it this far. It is a huge jumble in itself with so many colors and scraps.

I was able to use up the hexi applique orphan block and the churn dash orphan along with some old half square triangle blocks. I know you can't quite see the pile of scraps next to this but it is there me! Before I started this sampler quilt I was thinking of using up some of my little scraps from making binding. I have stacks of 2.5 " squares cut out of white and so I decided to use this as a leaders and enders quilt. In only a short while I have over 200 2.5" blocks sewn and pressed up for a scrap quilt. I am really surprised how fast you can use those little scraps. The problem is...I keep making more, especially with the above scrap quilt. :) Next in my jumbled sewing and even more jumbley sewing room is my Super Nova Friendship Block Swap blocks. I mentioned in a prev…

June June June and a goal

It's June and I am afraid that it is going to fly by.  You know that song "June is bustin' out all over" from Carousel? Well that is what it feels like around here. The garden is growing. The vegetable patch was looking pretty good but the high winds and rain flattened many of my plants last night. The little bit of hail didn't help either. The spring cleaning should be well under way...mine stalled out yesterday when I tried to get the hard water ring out of the toilet ( I did get it done but not much else on the cleaning front).  However, progress was made on my current WIP on the DYO sampler HERE @ SewMamaSew designed by Sarah from Sarah Quilts blog. My second section is completed.  I used another Craftsy BOM (the one in the bottom left) and added in bits of the scraps from several quilts. I love using up the scraps that I kept (for this insane reason I guess) of the bits off of the backings and left over block parts.  The giant Bear Paw is a block I made with…