My Favorite Quilt

My Favorite quilt is usually the quilt I am currently working on right now.  Sometimes though, one stays with you for some reason. This one was a QAL and made from scraps. It just all came together for me and the colors melted together so nicely.  It really is a favorite.


  • Tell us about your favorite quilt. When did you make it? What pattern did you use? What fabrics?
I made this quilt through a QAL called The Barn Door QAL held by Sarah @Sarah Quilts HERE earlier this year. I wanted to use just scrap fabrics that I already had. I didn't really have any idea that I had such cool fabrics!
  • What memories or people does the quilt make you think of?
This quilt is so different from anything I have ever done before I think my mom would have liked how unusual it is. I wish she could have seen it so I think of her often when I look at this quilt.
  • What do you like best about the quilt?
One of the best things about this quilt to me is the color blends and the over all effect of the design. I called this one "Weathered Wood" because I tried to simulate wood with the fabrics and quilting of it. The quilting is hard to see but there is a big sort of Z shape to the quilting much like an old door. Also the back turned out really cool too. (see below)
  • How did you grow as a quilter while making it?
I think sometimes you have to let your hair down and step about from what a basic block pattern is and go for something outside the box. I think this quilt does that because you don't really get the full view of what it will be till you are almost done.
  • If you could make this quilt again, what (if anything) would you do differently?
If I make this quilt again I would do it all the same. It was so much fun and really easy to do if you follow the directions. The hardest part was taking the photos of it. I was envious of another quilter in this QAL that had a big beautiful barn door to take the photo with. I have been eyeing many old barns when I am out driving or walking thinking of how this could have looked.
  • Where is the quilt now?
I have the quilt in my possession. I will probably keep it until I find that great photo op or make another one.

I used the extra hour glass block from the front center to start the idea for the backing of this quilt.

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Angie said…
Oh.My.Goodness! I am totally in love with this quilt, in your colors, and the name of the quilt is perfect!~!! Awesome job :)
Jen said…
This is a great quilt! Love the design and colors!
Laurie Matthews said…
This is beautiful and well done - i can't believe it was all scraps.

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