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Project Quilting 8.6 "Steppin' in Time"

"Steppin' in Time"  42" x 42"
Project Quilting Season 8 final challenge is Time is Up.  I chose to do a project off of my bucket list and make a large hour glass by way of court house steps. A while ago I bought the Denyse Schmidt book and in there is a lovely courthouse step quilt.  While the concept for this is traditional and pretty simple just sewing strips around the center block it is also difficult to keep from stretching and waffling the longer strips.  The original quilt in her book is finished at about 60" and I had to stop at 42".  I took liberty with the color placements also. 

I used simple grid quilting.  I wanted to do simple quilting because it was very hard to keep this quilt flat. In the end I had to spray baste once I squared up the steps. Tricky!

In the book that Denyse wrote, she used a small slab of print in one of her outer borders. I loved this idea and decided to use a bit of the I am a Maker fabric. Kind of a fun touch. 
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