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2016 Best of........

I decided to join Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs for Best of 2016 Linky Party. I really felt that I did not do much this year so it was hard to pick my best so I picked most viewed. 
1. The "eyes" have it quilt. A kit on one side makes the giant pixel eye and on the flip side I made my own version of a God's eye.  A few finishes post
2. Scrap Busting
3. My Way
4. Cutting room floor
5. Around the block party  tied with..........

Closer to you

This was a lower production year but a fun year of making none the less. 
Linking up with Meadow Mist Designs Linky Party

Happy Holiday little project


Block remake - mini trees


Listen - a Mini swap

This is the mini I whipped up for our local guilds mini swap.  We were supposed to make anything but keep it between 12"- 24".  I made "Listen" approx 16" x 16" and it is matchstick quilted.   The fabric in the center was the inspiration and it spoke to me so much as to what to add to it so thus..."listen". 

Since it was a hurry to finish I added the quick corners at the top for hanging and I added the small one at the bottom for a label. Was super quick to just sew it in the binding. 

The guild swap was pretty fun but stressful. We chose the mini's white elephant style so there was lots of stealing of quilts. Not my favorite thing to do as you briefly get attached to the ones you had in your hands.   
"Sweetness" is the mini I won made by a new guild member. It is sweet and I am so looking forward to getting to know her in the new year. 
Here is the attempt to get our OMQG guild group in a photo. We are so fortunate to have access to …