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Project Quilting - July "Independence"

Okay, I am just going to say right up front that this challenge was very hard for me. I am not really into red, white and blue and when you think of "Independence" that sort of goes hand in hand.  So...I decided not to do this challenge because nothing came to mind.  This morning (yes the night before the challenge is due) I decided to try cutting into a fabric group of fat quarters that I have been hoarding for way too long. I decided there are so many other ways of thinking of independence so why not go for it. 

July Challenge and linking up with  Project Quilting by Persimon Dreams:
"Magnolia Day"
9" x 19"

I have three coordinating fabrics of this Magnolia fabric that I love and never wanted to cut it up. I just posted to another blogger today that when you hold onto those fabrics we love, the spell it has over us can be broken when you decide to cut into them  and what you make from them you might fall in love with too. 
This is so true for this project.  …

So Sew Mojo?? and AYoLF anyway


WIP - a bit slow this week + (Frixion info)

Since my turn on the New Bloggers Blog Hop tour sponsored by Beth at Plum and June HERE , I wanted to update you on some info going around on the use of the Frixion pen I like so much. 
Lee at Freshly Pieced (click link for info)  did some testing along with a couple links by some other gals in her post. 

I did a bit of my own testing and found the red pen I have been using on white and snow kona to work just great. Ironed off, washed and frozen and no shadows or lines coming back. Not sure what the reasons for the inconsistency we are seeing but I felt you needed more info before you tried them or not. 

On to WIP for me. 

Working on the Sew kind of Wonderful Medallion blocks. Got all the blocks (16) together but thinking I might add the diamond to the corners. ??

The diamonds Jenny @Sewkindofwonderful added look like this: HERE

Still working on Retro Rubies quilt. I want to get it sandwiched today and start on the quilting...whatever that may be. 

And putting the hanger on the back of my fi…

Blog Hop and Retro Rubies Update!

I am so so thrilled to say that my Retro Rubies Quilt top was picked by Alyssa of Pileofabrics as the PileoFabrics choice award. Winner Winner! I did not win the public choice but I am still so happy!

Quilt top for Retro Rubies QAL Decided to go with the black background for the back but add some of the scraps. I will also try my hand at adding some of those in the front in bits on the borders. We will see. Still undecided about quilting but think clear thread might be the way to go on the front with black on the back. ??
Just so thrilled about getting picked by Alyssa! :)
New Blogger Blog Hop update: This week the group of bloggers on the New Blogger Blog hop sponsored by Beth at Plum and June blogspot are Hilltop House Creative Works
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quarter incher There are some great bloggers on the hop so please stop by some or all. 
In other news....working on the Metro Medallion QAL at Sew Kin…

Retro Rubies Love!

"How do I love thee...oh Retro Rubies             Let me count the ways....... "

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace." ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I am so.......loving this quilt. I think it will be a wall-hanging when done because the colors I used fit into my living room so well. After only a few (really numerous) mistakes it is coming together but for the back. Not sure if I want to go with an organic looking back I found or just plain black with my one block on the back. As a wall-hanging it really makes no difference. 

Any suggestions?
I hope to work on the quilting today. I need suggestions there too please?

Linking up with Alyssa over at Pileofabric Retro Rubies Quiltalong. What a fun fun quilt she designed. I want to do it again...and again! :)

VOTE Starts ......TODAY    here:

please stop and vote if you …

Report card June - WIP and a finish in July

Since it is only the 3rd of July and I already have a finish, I am going to talk about that first.  I recently checked out the book " Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe" published by Martingale.  Angela Nash over at made the StarFlower quilt design and I loved it. Here is mine:

I used a few fat quarters and white kona. The finish is 60" x 60" approx. and I straight line quilted in white Aurfil. My biggest machine quilt yet.  Love the 'tweet street' backing too. 

On to my WIP for this week in July:
 Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced hosted today by Stacey at The tilted Quilt. Stacey is a fellow New Blogger on the New Blogger Blog hop.  For my entry in the Blog Hop go HERE and that will lead you to other New Bloggers this week. 

I am trying to get my Retro Ruby quilt done for the QAL finish tomorrow. 
Um....this is where I am as of right now. Yikes Batman!!! 

June Report card:
June 14th I finished "Regatta"
June 23rd a…

A Lovely Year of Finishes -July Goal

My July goal is going to be a bit scary. I have 6 Dresden blocks  and no idea what I want to do with them. I am going to set my goal to come up with something even if only get a top together. 

I love the red, white, grey and black color so we shall see:

Linking up with Shanna and Melissa HERE.

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