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Finish it up friday a video, a fox and teamwork

A couple of years ago I made "So Blue" a portrait of my mother. On the National Quilting day this year I signed up to video my quilt with the Quilt Alliance. Click on So Blue to hear my story...makes me cry every time! 
So Blue - my quilt story

Practicing some freemotion quilting on this wholecloth quilt just in time for the Lincoln Quilts for Kids sew day tomorrow. 

Practice Practice practice.........and more practice needed!!!!

Earlier in the week I met up with some gals from our lqg and we worked on finishing two quilts made from the blocks our guild members donated for PULSE.  

Jennifer sewed it together, Sarah quilted it and I sewed on the binding. 

Jennifer helped me lay this one out and I sewed and quilted it at home and then put the binding on that day. We worked in a fun little shop called Crafthouse in my area. 

Linking up with Crazy mom Quilts HERE

Doing my thing, MIA and WIP

Helloooo Hellooooo anyone still there?  It has been so long. I have been mia but working on various projects. Some not worthy of pics like my husbands work truck seat cover, though made from upcycled jeans, not photo worthy!  I have been working on various quilt blocks for some group projects in some of my guilds. 

HST for some diamond blocks that will be made into an opportunity quilt for one of my guilds.  The hst's were super fun to make.  I also worked on some  heart blocks for PULSE in Orlando. Both Modern guilds I am in were making some.  The left over hst's that fell off the heart went into the diamond block above. I could not help but play with the tiny hst's that fell off too.....a mini diamond!!!! love it so much. 

I took a pic of a stack of various sized squares I cut from a big back of scraps donated to me of flannel. 

I took a pic because the stacks were high (can't see that from this angle now can you?) silly. Anyway this was back breaking an…