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Sew Thinky Linky and Progress

Sew Thinky Thursday again! Emily has a new question. Don't forget to check out her blog Mommy's Nap Time to see her adventures at Quiltcon!!!

Here's our question for this week:
Tell us about your sewing friends. Have your fabric tastes changed by having friends who like to sew? Do you like the same things or are you completely opposite?
I think my fabric taste changes just about every day. I have favorites and if I pile all my fabric in one place I would see that I have way more of some colors than another but I feel like a seed in a giant seed pod. I have been starting to stretch and grow in several directions. I have always liked crafty things and dabbling in this and that. I am sure you have heard the saying "jack of all trades but master of none" ...that is me.  I love being around all the new blogging friends since I started my blog. I feel everyday is a learning experience.  I see a quilt-a-long and I want to do that but before the minute is over I see anothe…

WIP and ...a finish to wear!

I joined in the Linky this week with Lee at Freshly Piecedto keep the progress going on some small projects I have. This week I decided to try my luck with a hexi template my mom gave me and see what I could come up with. The verdict is still out but I am working with greens and black/gray and that I love!

Stay tuned on that one. 
Here is a Make it and Wear it Finish for the month! I cut this top out back in the fall and then set it aside when my mom passed and I hurt my back.  Now it is finished and I am really excited but...gained some weight and hope to lose it before it is nice enough out for me to wear it. :)
It is Simplicity pattern 1884. Went together pretty easy and love the silky featherish fabric! Hope I can wear it soon. 

Project Quilt 4 - #4 Lucky Star

Well here it is Project Quilt 4 - Challenge 4 Wish upon a star
Hosted by Persimon Dreams the Challenge was to include a star in your quilt whether it be patchwork, applique or thread. My first inclination with the other challenges so far has been to think outside the box. With the star challenge I knew I wanted to make a more traditional quilt like the Lone Star quilt. 

"Lucky Star" Armed with a 45 degree angle ruler and an idea in my head I just started cutting some and piecing some and so on. I knew I wanted it fractured or pieced maybe half on one side and half on the other with smaller stars to put between and lots of quilting. Well???....That didn't really happen. I couldn't come up with a layout I liked. I made a couple smaller stars pieced with different fabric that coordinated but I just didn't like it. Plus I was running out of time. I was planning to go out of town for part of the weekend but then we had a small snow storm instead so I ended up staying ho…

Sew Thinky Thursday - Style and a Finish...again!

With todays questions:  Describe your quilting style. Who or what influences you? How do you see your style changing over time?

Wow this is a hard question to ponder. I don't know if I can describe my quilting style if I don't really have one. I guess I can start by saying I like a lot of styles and types of quilting. I appreciate all the work that goes into each creation.  With that said, I like to try all kinds of things too but that doesn't mean I would hang them in my house. Does that make sense?

Kitty quilt I pieced and mom quilted by hand. Not my style but thought it was a cute kids quilt and I wanted to do the applique. 
Another one I wanted to piece. The orange fabric has sheep on it. 
Branching out here with this mosaic tile quilt. Love the look...the colors not so much. 

I do think of myself, right now at this moment, more of a modern quilter. I love the look and feel of where the modern quilt moment is going. I love the color...yum! I also love traditional quilts …

Feb. Finish 2013

Yeah so excited...I have my Feb. Lovely finish....Finished!!!

Finally my Relay for Life auction quilt is done.   I have not shared this with my niece yet who is hosting the auction but I will soon. 

I was really unsure about the quilting. I actually wanted to use one by Elizabeth Hartman called the Dogwood trail but I was not convinced that I could evenly do that freemotion quilting so I opted for walking foot straight line quilting. I think it turned out pretty well. 

Stay tuned for the Auction info. I will be posting and linking to that when she is ready for the auction bidding to begin.  Below is my nephew Travis who lost the battle with brain cancer. His sister Tara is doing the Relay for life auction soon.

Project Quilting Season 4 challenge 3

3rd Challenge: 
For the 3rd Challenge- Annie's Inspiration. Please go to Annie Young Art to see her inspirational works.  I fell in love with many of the pieces, the colors she used and her love of nature.  One of my favorites is the 'listening fields'.  I really feel we need to stop and really listen to our souls.  
I knew right away that I wanted to emulate my Sew Sunshine theme on my blog by making a big bold piece of sunshine. 

"Sew Sunshine"
I wanted to try my hand at my own paper piece design but after a first attempt I needed a little help and found it in the book by Jean Wells called Intuitive Color and Design.  In the book there is a quilt called Firefly that had just the elements I wanted. I made 4 paper pieced sections piecing 4 colorways with bright yellow and gold backgrounds.  I had a small scrap of a mono-print I had made a while back with some glitter paint. I used some of that in the turquoise sun blades for texture and sparkle.  I also made some wate…

Meaningful projects

Once again it is Sew Thinky Thursday. Emily at Mommy's Nap Timehas posed the question....."What is the most meaningful project you have ever made?"

Well I have done lots of charity quilts and a few fundraiser quilts. Recently I finished a quilt my mom had started for a gala at my sisters church. I think though, that my most meaningful project was a quilt I made for my great niece when she was born. My niece is also my goddaughter and when she was pregnant she asked that I help with the decorating of her baby's room.  She came to visit and we picked out fabric colors and I wanted to really make it nice. Almost all of my family has gotten quilts from my mom for baby, graduation and weddings and they all appreciate the time and effort she took in making them. I am really close to my niece, Jennifer and feel like my great niece, Sophia is more like my very own grandbaby. Of course I wanted to make a special quilt.

The pattern is my own interpretation of Lemon Squares. I ca…

Project Quilting Season 4 and giveaway

Hi all, my friend Kim has a giveaway and is here to tell you all about it:

Hello everyone!  This is Kim from Persimon Dreams,, and I’m so happy to be here sharing some exciting Project QUILTING news with you.  We are currently in the midst of Season 4.  The first two challenges inspired over 100 quilts to be created – so amazing!  The third challenge went up on Sunday, February 3rd and I can’t wait to see what comes from it (still time for you to join in!)  
I personally love Project QUILTING because it has been extremely inspirational to me in my quilting journey.  I know I only have a week for the projects but it’s a great opportunity to give ideas in my mind a try – see what happens, try new techniques.  If it works…maybe I’ll do a bigger project that takes more time.  Project QUILTING has me creating pieces I never imagined before, it brought me out of the only making ‘what I think will sell’ and in turn, and the Project QUILTING community has been such an ins…

February Plans

I joined in on the Lovely Year of Finishes late in January. I was doing quite well on my own according to my Jan. Report card. is so fun to see what others are doing and it really makes you want to get more done.  It works for me....

A Lovely Year of Finishesl

I finished a project I started in Jan. already this morning. 

My Scrappy Trip A Long as seen on Bonnie Hunter's site.  I am pleased about that but that really was only keeping me from working on what I must try to tackle this month...The Relay for Life silent auction quilt for my niece's fundraiser. 
Pattern is Birdbath by Elizabeth Hartman I have the backing done and just need to make the sandwich and decide on the quilting design. There lies the
I WILL figure it out and get it done this month! There I said it so it IS going to happen.