Sew Thinky Thursday - Style and a Finish...again!

With todays questions:  Describe your quilting style. Who or what influences you? How do you see your style changing over time?

Wow this is a hard question to ponder. I don't know if I can describe my quilting style if I don't really have one. I guess I can start by saying I like a lot of styles and types of quilting. I appreciate all the work that goes into each creation.  With that said, I like to try all kinds of things too but that doesn't mean I would hang them in my house. Does that make sense?

Kitty quilt I pieced and mom quilted by hand. Not my style but thought it was a cute kids quilt and I wanted to do the applique. 

Another one I wanted to piece. The orange fabric has sheep on it. 

Branching out here with this mosaic tile quilt. Love the look...the colors not so much. 

I do think of myself, right now at this moment, more of a modern quilter. I love the look and feel of where the modern quilt moment is going. I love the color...yum! I also love traditional quilts and techniques and am really falling for fiber art quilts and design. I have to say a really fun thing I love to see is the modern/traditional quilt mash ups. Taking really old traditional patterns and putting fun bold prints and colors into them.

Two small wall-hangings I made for Project Japan. They were sent to the victims of the Tsunami. 

I guess overall I am a quilter in style limbo which is okay with me. I will keep trying new things and see where each road leads. 

My mom is probably the biggest influence in my quilting life. I watched her cut, piece and quilt all by hand. She had a way with colors and could put just about anything together and it would look great. Only recently, after joining my local guild, have I branched out more and embraced all that is new in the world of quilting. I think the internet has opened so much up to individuals in terms of buying fabric, techniques with videos and tutorials and bloggers sharing so much of themselves. I hope to keep learning and trying new things and making beautiful things.

One of my Project Quilting entries this year..."Rift" brand new technique...totally love it and love doing it. 


**I had another finish this month! I call this my Charlie Brown Chevron. I started this quilt top last summer (2012) and got it out yesterday and quilted it. Yeah me. It is going to one of my charity groups. 

Charlie Brown Chevron front and back - 2013 finish


Jennie said…
It's interesting to see how your tastes have changed - and Mum's are great influences!
Terri said…
I love the wall-hangings made for the Japan Project. They are beautiful!

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