Meaningful projects

Once again it is Sew Thinky Thursday. Emily at Mommy's Nap Time has posed the question....."What is the most meaningful project you have ever made?"

Well I have done lots of charity quilts and a few fundraiser quilts. Recently I finished a quilt my mom had started for a gala at my sisters church. I think though, that my most meaningful project was a quilt I made for my great niece when she was born. My niece is also my goddaughter and when she was pregnant she asked that I help with the decorating of her baby's room.  She came to visit and we picked out fabric colors and I wanted to really make it nice. Almost all of my family has gotten quilts from my mom for baby, graduation and weddings and they all appreciate the time and effort she took in making them. I am really close to my niece, Jennifer and feel like my great niece, Sophia is more like my very own grandbaby. Of course I wanted to make a special quilt.

The pattern is my own interpretation of Lemon Squares. I called it Lemon Drops while I was working on it because Jennifer was suffering with morning sickness and was told to suck on lemon drops to help get through it. 

There are 6 heart blocks that I made early on in the process and sent to each of the 3 Grandmothers to be and 3 Great-grandmothers. They each signed the blocks so little Sophie will have those keepsakes. Jennifer had just lost her brother, my nephew Nick, in a motorcycle accident.  I put a special dedication on the back of Sophia's quilt so she would know that her Uncle Nick was watching out for her. 

I was not daring enough to do the quilting so I hired Rich O'Hare at the local fabric store the Cosmic Cow to quilt it for me. 
 I wanted to use up the scraps so I also made a rag rug and some stuffed blocks and burp clothes.  Oh and a nursing cover.

Not only meaningful but lasting memories. 


emedoodle said…
This is such a sweet story. I feel like I'll be that way with my niece Katee as she gets older - she's always been my girl. Although, she's quilting with me now so maybe we'd collaborate? Either way I hope she doesn't need a baby quilt any time soon since she's only 12! :)

I'm sure your niece appreciates all that you've done for her! :)

Thanks for linking up this week!
What a great quilt! I love it and meaningful to everyone! ♥
Wanda said…
This is a beautiful quilt and full of love. You are a wonderful Aunt.

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