Temenos or Sacred space

"Tremenos" - a greek word Meaning - temenos (plural temenoi or temene) A piece of land marked off from common uses and assigned as an official domain, especially to a king, chief, or god. A sacred circle where one can be oneself without fear. This is a Bee quilt. My Beemates were given strange pieces of fabric I cut from sari underskirts.  My sister helped to care for a lady and when she died there were a few leftover saris that her children didn't want and several cotton colored underskirts she had made herself. I really liked the idea of using those fabrics. 
The weather never seemed to cooperate so I tried to take pics here and there. My idea was to give this quilt back to my sister for her 70th birthday a few weeks ago.  Working with these fabrics and trying to make the color combinations work was really a challenge.  The back is made up of a couple wraps she also had in the box. These are cotton floral bouquet panels on one end and then more of that middle (above) overa…

2019 Online Quilters Meet and Greet

I am so excited to be taking part in the 2019 Online Quilters Meet and Greet organized by Victoriana Quilt Designs!

Welcome Welcome Welcome
My name is Kris and I have been quilting for quite a few years. I started pretty young, learning from my mom.  When she passed away I was not sure I wanted to continue to quilt and then......I did.  I made a portrait quilt of her and you can read about it HERE

Over the past few years since, I have jumped into trying and finding my way. One of favorite trys was this scrap quilt called Triumphal Arches. 

It was made of random scraps fitted with arch shapes. I used all sort of colors and then light to dark background scraps. It was so much fun to make. You can read about it HERE

Please take some times to visit the others on the Quilters Meet and Greet by clicking on the Logo up top  and click on the logo below to enter the giveaway. 

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck to you all!
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There's a kind of Hush...

"A kind of hush"  15.5" x 15.5"  Black and white mini challenge Improv pieced Sheer overlay Machine and hand quilted
I wanted to participate in Curated Quilts Mini Black and White Challenge so I started thinking of movement in air in water and in thought. I soon felt stuck and put it aside for a few days.  I was on FB and saw a photograph someone had taken of a really cool zen stack of rocks and the sun peaking through a crack between the stones. The hole was perfect and allowed rays of the sun to explode out through the hole.  I was so inspired by the beauty and calm that I walked into my sewing room last night and jumped back into my movement of air, water and thought.  Out came .... A Kind of Hush. 

I played around with the improv shapes but it felt too something? I always like to try new things and thought why not try a sheer overlay to calm it down.  I have a stash of clothing fabrics and found this sheer white organdy. I was scared it would be hard to sew but it quilted u…

Double Dash Pattern Release testing.......

Blossom Heart Quilts is releasing a new pattern on 8-13-19. It's Double Dash and it is a super fun quilt to make.  
I jumped at the chance to test the pattern thinking I would do a scrappy version. 
I was able to find several solids and a stack of low volumne to go with. I adore the colors of orange and pink and red. There is coral and raspberry too. 

 I jumped on the large 15" version and made enough for Queen size. 

I love how all the scraps worked together to make the lights and darks. 

Pretty soon it was huge!

I took the first pic out at the park near my house and tried to take some more but the weather never did cooperate until today. I was able to use a ladder and snap a few. 

Thanks to Alyce for creating a great design. I think she may be celebrating a birthday now too...Yay Celebrate!! To buy her pattern click on the link at the top!

County Fair Time Surprise

Fair Time is always hot and always interesting. Usually I hang out with my friend Jen but she was off on a family vacation so I had to look for a sub. I found Eddie on the second day of the fair.  He was a bit boisterous but generally a pretty good guy. He was a blue ribbon winner so we had much to talk about. 
I entered 5 of my quilts in the fair and somehow I won with them all. 
Best Recycled award and blue ribbon-From the Mending Pile Original post HERE
Best Modern and blue ribbon - Edit Original post From the Cutting room floor =Edit
Reserve Champion and blue ribbon - Japandi a Bee Quilt Original post Here
and  Champion and a blue -Chihuly inspired Original post HERE quilted by Marsha Swanson (Dog Ear Creek Quilts) Omaha
and then this happened a Champion, a blue and then Best in County- Urbanologie  This is one of the quilts I sent out to be quilted so I could give a QCR trunk show. Haley Schober from Omaha quilted this for me.  This was just crazy! 
Original post on Urbanologie is Here Next stop t…

Japandi - a bee quilt

Japandi 57" x 49"  improv crosshatch organic quilting a BeeUtifully Modern Bee quilt my Bee mates: Jen, Phyllis, Liz and Judy  This quilt is the first blocks my beemates and I made together.  I was up for Queen Bee first and I chose a combination of Japans wabi-sabi style mixed with the clean natural lines of Scandinavian design. Throw in asking for making your own stripes and a neutral palette and you get Japandi style!

It took me 2 full length audio books to piece the blocks together once they were turned in. I think I figured close to 22 hours. It was a challenge to create balance and use up all the bits. 
It is hard to tell from here but some of those little bits are tiny tiny bits, skinny lines and stripes. 

With our Bee if you want your piece bigger you have to make quite a few blocks and bits to fill in. In this quilt each person made one big block and then gave me all the scraps they had leftover. I worked to piece almost all of that into this beauty. 
Here you can see the back…

Cross body bag and then some

I made a new much needed bag! It is the Luisa pattern by Sotak Handmade
I used my stash canvas fabrics for this bag. It went together pretty easily. Of course I didn't take pics of the inside which is a bright pink print. This bag is great! It has a zip pocket outside and on the back two slip in pockets. In the inside it has a zipper pocket and then the whole thing zips shut. It is the perfect size to carry my tablet or just small stuff. 
I guess I was in the sewing mood as I got out some knit fabric I had and made a tunic top too. 
I might make more since I still have a huge stash of knits and other clothing type fabrics. 
 I have been neglecting my garden of flowers and veggies but they seem to be thriving pretty well. My husband shoots them some water so I guess I should say they are his garden. This hibiscus has gone wild. We have another one that is white, gotten and planted at the same time and it is a dwarf compared to this one.  We planted one cucumber plant and we have been ea…