A finish at last! I knew I should be spending some of my quarantine time finishing some of my UFO quilts. I started the year out so great and then you know how it went.  With some recent eye problems my great start to the year of UFO finishing was halted. I had a great opportunity to get a big quilt quilted on a longarm at my local Bernina shop so I jumped at it. 
One weekend I found this quilt top in my UFO stack and thought it would make a great graduation gift. I only had to find enough fabric to make a back as I have not been buying anything and trying to use up my stash. After much searching I was able to find enough pieces that worked well with these great colors. Lots of orange, coral, red, and lovely together.  This quilt pattern is by Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts called Double Dash. I tested this quilt for her last year and got the top done from black and white prints and many scrap solids from my stash. 
It measures 90" x 90" ish so my pieces had to be f…

Less Hideous Challenge = Rose Garden

One of my local guilds set up a challenge where you pulled fabric out of a big bag of uglies. I picked the two above which I felt were lesser of all the dated fabrics. I kept them laying around until I thought what I wanted to do. It was hard because the bigger print would be hard to put in any kind of quilt block and it would still read traditional.  Then I figured I would have to improv a traditional block, in this case the 9 patch.  Also the colors, which are hard to tell on here, are pinky peachy in the large print and dark deep rosy red in the smaller print. The larger print has a touch of green which is the the complimentary color. If I went there, I would be in holiday territory. I didn't want that. I decided to put only a small amount of green in and pull out the peachy colors in the prints for a more analogous color set up. I chose grunge in both shades. 

Then it was all about balance and proportion. I think my 9 patch idea shows through nicely. The dark gray instead of blac…

UFO busting - Aztec

Aztec 46" x 55.5" I should call this Ancient Aztec because I started this quilt many years ago(2015). I even made a tutorial on how I made the blocks.  It is a super fun block to make so take a look at it HERE

I made one giant block for crib quilt with this method HERE
Once you know how to make the block you can go crazy!

Diagonal quilting with walking foot. 

Luckily when I packed this quilt top away I put the fabrics with it and never raided it for another quilt so here is the back!
Another one bites the dust.....
Be safe, don't stress and do something that makes you happy ~
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Modern Classic from Leftovers (Between the Blinds)

This is the MQG modern classic makeover pattern by Diana Vandeyar called "Oblique" for the Feb 2017 issue.  I originally made the Chess on the Steps by Krista Hennebury. I named mine 'Strength and Beauty' HERE

I thought I could use additional fabrics in the composition with the specific ones the MQG listed but I don't think that is what they wanted. So with lots of leftovers I decided to see if I had enough fabric left to make another quilt. 

I think I want to call mine "Between the Blinds"  58" x 58" Straight line quilting Foundation PP (freezer paper) So Fine in baby blue on top and Bottomline silver on bobbin (Both Superior Threads)

The pattern for this is a foundation paper piecing pattern. I don't know about you but I didn't want to take the chance to print out all of these copies (4 for each block and 9 blocks) then have to try to go to a store and get more ink or order online so ....... I chose to make one copy of the blocks on heavy dut…

UFO busting -Ice Ice Baby

Catching up on posting some quilts. I don't know about anyone else but I am spending more time on computer these days. I sometimes forget that I could be posting some of the things I finish when I finish so that it is not so time consuming but I don't here we are! ha
Ice Ice Baby is a small throw quilt I made by playing around with EQ7 and the Quick Curve Ruler.  40.5" x 49"  Super fast curve sewing using the QCR!!
Fun variegated fabric for the cones. 
Simple cross straightline quilting. 
The 3 fabrics from the front are from the same line as the back cute! I had the blocks done but just needed to put them together and quilt.  I also found these when looking for mask material. Amazing what is all stashed away. ha
Speaking of masks......

I started out with making faux bias tape ties and even made a short video on how to make them on fb.  I quickly switched over to tee-shirt ties. We have so many nice tee-shirts that my husband never wears and they work great.

Not al…

UFO busting - Seeing Spots!

I am not even sure when this little quilt was started. I know I had access to an Accuquilt machine at a local sewday. I cut out the circles and fusible circles too. I got home and started using some fancy stitches on my sewing machine to go around the edges.  I also remember taking them to a sew day at our county fair to sew on while being in the Quilts for Kids booth. The year? I am not sure. 

I am pretty sure this quilt did not want to be finished. I found the blocks when looking for materials to make masks out of.  I thought, I can sew this up quickly. I did, and then I pressed it and then had to sew the whole thing again because my antique iron melted the thread in about 75% of it. Yes melted. I could see the thread go from shiny to dull and then I rubbed it. The thread actually came up from one side like tiny beads on a strand. So very odd. I have used that thread since and the same iron and nothing??

My sewing room in disaster mode!!! ha Anyway, to be safe I sewed it again and quilt…

UFO busting - A Modern Flip

"Wherever the Wind Blows"  a study of positive and negative space 42.5" x 32.5" 
Back at the beginning of the year my lqg had a modern block flip meeting. We brought blocks that were traditional and we flipped them to be more modern.  I brought different blocks and in the end only played with a few of them with other guild members.  I had in mind a few blocks I started in a BOM a few years ago. 

These blocks were 12.5" and simple traditional shapes made as BOM for Blossom Heart Quilts HST Modern Sampler. (2016) My fabric choices were not great. I wanted to use the hand dyes I had made and I found this gray triangle fabric in a large enough quantity to go with the dyed fabrics. However, the fabrics all looked muddy and the values were too close. Also I felt like there was too much gray.  So when I was between masking making jaunts I grabbed the blocks and decided today is the day to do something....or see if I could.  As soon as I cut into the blocks, I saw the gray as…

Sew Different

Like many of you, I have been sewing masks.  We have so many places asking for masks that it is hard not to stop what you are doing and sew them if you can. I knew that I had enough supplies already to make a few so it was just a matter of digging through everything.  You know what happens when you dig through everything? You find things you forgot about. I didn't dig far when I came across lots of UFO projects. While mask fabric was washing I organized a few of the ufo's to see what needed to be done. I was able to finish several smaller quilts I had in the pile just waiting for sandwiching and quilting. 
I realized that when I finished a couple I had a fence full. I decided on a semi- nice day before guild virtual sew day (the sat. before Easter) I would take a quilt show pic.  I will post more about a couple of the UFO's later. Some of these I have already blogged about last month.  My fence faces a park so anyone driving into the park goes right by and I had several stop …

National Quilting Day @home

My goal for National Quilting day this year, since the International Quilt Museum festivities here in Lincoln were cancelled, was to quilt this baby quilt.  The blocks are leftovers from another quilt I made for this ones big brother. (I have a 2 week old great nephew to get to now) :) It measures 53" x 53" I did a diagonal crosshatch because the blocks and the borders I put on the corners made it sort of stretchy. 

I started marking the lines on Saturday morning with the hera marker. So easy to use and no messy marks to wash out. One of my favorite tools. 

It came out all nice and crinkly after the wash. Only a tiny bit of red came out on the color catcher and no bleed into all that white or other colors.  Set with white vinegar rinse. 

If found this cute 'dream big' fabric with hot air balloons on for the back. 

Another bright spot in the icky looking landscape of my back yard. 
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Cross Play Quilt test complete!

CrossPlay Quilt test  Pattern by Simone Quilts check for her new release soon.
I tested the baby size CrossPlay and chose mostly ZenChic Spotted fabrics. I wanted bold colors and a rainbow feel.  Quilting is a serpentine stitch 40.5" x 40.5"

Luckily I have a park near by.  Added a bit of color to this blah landscape don't you think??
I have been working on an old scrap project and made a tutorial for inset scrap circles. Check it out Here