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I built this city.......

"I built this city - Lincoln" Project Quilting season 8:4 theme=brighter the better Made in Ne. 34.5" x 20.5 Lincoln Ne skyline pattern designed by Shannon Brinkley

I built this city from the tiny bit scraps triangles leftover from making binding. I knew I wanted to make something scrappy for this bright/bold challenge. I already committed my smallish scraps to another random improv piece. I knew for this piece I would have to 'very' small. I decided to make my own fabric. 
I randomly laid my tiny bits onto a sheet of heat and bond. I tried to not overlap too much but butt them up against each other.  As you can see there are no straight lines to this just cut and butt. Once I had an area full I pressed them down with a hot iron using a craft sheet over top and below just in case of sticky bits.  Once the fabric was made I cut it into 1" strips and then down to 1" squares. I took the pattern and traced it onto a sheer interfacing. This is what I used to layo…


"Hygge " 12.5 x 37.5 freemotion quilting random designs Hygge - Danish word roughly translates to coziness. I came across a news show one night about a year or so ago that was talking about searching for Hygge. I fell in love with how this little word can be and mean so much.  Hygge pronounced hoo ga, can mean an atmosphere of relaxation and gratitude.  A feeling of contentment or well being, a sanctuary.  Hygge can be the smell of cinnamon buns baking or the warm toasty feel of a fire place on a cold night.  Hygge can be a smile in passing or a tip of the hat in greeting. Hygge can be taking pleasures in the presence of gentle soothing things. That is why I made this word banner to hang in my sewing room.  

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