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From the mending pile

"From the mending pile"  41" x 50"... ish, as it is finished as it was with no squaring up, improv design, up/re/cycled materials of denim, twill, stretch twill and denim machine pieced and hand quilted in a long stitch fashion

These textiles originally came from some leftover scraps my mom had in her sewing room box. I realized they were bits of her old jeans and a bit of denim off cut from some she made herself.  I happened to look in my repair pile and I had a pair of worn out stretch denim leggings that I used to wear, a pair of Bugle Boy twill pants and a leg of work jean from my husband. In another pile I found a pair of stretch twill pants from my sister who always needs longer length in her pants. I am not sure if I was supposed to hem them and give them back to her or if they were just done but...they are in the quilt now. :) And, lastly another pair of twill pants I inherited from another sister.  This accumulation is from 5 different mending piles.

So a fitting…

Inspiration all around

It was a really snowy day but I wanted the chance to take a photo of my newly finished "Chihuly Inspired" quilt outside of the Josleyn Musuem. The snow was still everywhere so I got the courage to go in and ask if I could take a quick pic onthe rails.  Afterall, it was inside that I first saw the large installation of the Chihuly Glowing Gemstone Polyvito Chandelier. (blown plastic) 

Up close you can see the fun quilting design. I worked with Marsha from Dog Ear Creek Quilts to come up with something that would enhance but not take away from this fun layout.  This quilt was made with one of my all time favorite things, The Quick Curve Ruler (QCR) and the pattern can be found in the books from  Sew Kind of Wonderful. I love their rulers and on a mission to make several of their patterns. This layout of colors and fabrics was my own design. I wish you could see the glittery gold fabrics that make up some of the orbs. 

Since the pics outside of the Joslyn didn't pan out I had …

Sunset Strip

Out of the doom and gloom of this winter that seems to never end..... my UFO finish
Sunset Strip 27" x 35"  Strip set score from Sherri Lynn Wood book - The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters Aurifil thread pieced and grainline improv quilting

The score is to make strip sets and then create from there. My limitations were the 2 colors of blue and yellow. I made strip sets of blues, yellows and one slightly mixed. I evidently felt I needed some blue waters and sunshine in this bleak winter because that is what it turned into. 

I played around with some thread colors because I finally had some various shades of Aurifil to use. Then I sort of did this flame grainline type quilting. I like the texture but it did stretch the quilt out a tiny bit. I had to block it when I was done to get it into shape. 

I chose to use up as much of the leftover pieced strips I could. I thought I did but then when I was cleaning up I found a small stirp set on the floor so used some of it in the label.  :…