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Temenos or Sacred space

"Temenos" - a greek word Meaning - temenos (plural temenoi or temene) A piece of land marked off from common uses and assigned as an official domain, especially to a king, chief, or god. A sacred circle where one can be oneself without fear. This is a Bee quilt. My Beemates were given strange pieces of fabric I cut from sari underskirts.  My sister helped to care for a lady and when she died there were a few leftover saris that her children didn't want and several cotton colored underskirts she had made herself. I really liked the idea of using those fabrics. 
The weather never seemed to cooperate so I tried to take pics here and there. My idea was to give this quilt back to my sister for her 70th birthday a few weeks ago.  Working with these fabrics and trying to make the color combinations work was really a challenge.  The back is made up of a couple wraps she also had in the box. These are cotton floral bouquet panels on one end and then more of that middle (above) overal…

2019 Online Quilters Meet and Greet

I am so excited to be taking part in the 2019 Online Quilters Meet and Greet organized by Victoriana Quilt Designs!

Welcome Welcome Welcome
My name is Kris and I have been quilting for quite a few years. I started pretty young, learning from my mom.  When she passed away I was not sure I wanted to continue to quilt and then......I did.  I made a portrait quilt of her and you can read about it HERE

Over the past few years since, I have jumped into trying and finding my way. One of favorite trys was this scrap quilt called Triumphal Arches. 

It was made of random scraps fitted with arch shapes. I used all sort of colors and then light to dark background scraps. It was so much fun to make. You can read about it HERE

Please take some times to visit the others on the Quilters Meet and Greet by clicking on the Logo up top  and click on the logo below to enter the giveaway. 

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck to you all!
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