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Fun Finish and Project Quilting off-season

I am super excited to post today.  I was not sure about the paper piecing project I started earlier this week.  It is a project from my quilt guild to make a monthly challenge block and this is #1. It is from Quilt Jane blog and it is block 21. 

I think I did pretty well. A couple points not so so but still okay.  I decided instead of making a "Make it and Wear it" project this month that I would "Make it and USE it" instead.  I inherited this rocking chair from my Mom. This was Grandma's chair but sadly I did not know her as she died the year I was born. I loved the chair when it was at my Grandpa's house and my Mom and I refinished the chair after he was gone.  Now it is so many many years later and it needed a new cushion.  I made my block with fabrics that work well in my living room.The terra cotta color is my wall color so I think it looks great.  Here is my improv back with zipper cover:
Next up:  Project Quilting off season April challenge = What is yo…

A Lovely Year of Finishes!!! yippee and WIP

It is that time again.  A lovely year of Finishes  over at Fiber of all sorts and Bittersweet Designs. I seriously was not sure if I was going to get to my Finish Challenge for the month. I have been working on those half hexis for a while now and was not sure how I wanted to finish it, if I wanted to make it bigger or what I was doing ...period.  The end of the month was approaching and I was ticking off the list of things I wanted to do this month yet.  The list is long so I decided that it would be better to just DO IT and get it done and have a finish to show for it. I am so glad I did. Here is my green half hexi quilt: Ta Da!

Next up is a paper piece project that I am hoping to make into a pillow.  I am not sure I know what I am doing because there are so many pieces but I am willing to give it a go. 

All sorts of finishes?

This was a busy week. At first I felt like I was not getting anything done. One goal was to complete another charity quilt with my Craftsy BOM from 2012.  I made myself get some out and just go for it. 

Pretty busy but it is 6 more blocks used!!! yeah
Then I put together my last 4 blocks from the Modern BOM 2 Block #1 blocks. This one I will call "In and Out".

I had to spiral quilt this one too because it was just so fun!! Then....while I was in a finishing mode I got out a couple small pieces that were from my moms stash. I thought the little girl print, which I think is a Daisy Kingdom print, works well in these little flannel backed preemie quilts for Lincoln Quilts for Kids.

I started planning what I want to do for the final Project Quilting challenge. :)

and then there is my husband, Matt. He ran a 10k Saturday morning (when it was about 32 degrees F). He finshed 3rd in his age group....YES!!! 

(he is in the white shirt) This is around the 2 mile mark. 
Now to get back to work…

WIP Wednesday again

Work in Progess again. Good thing this keeps me motivated to keep things going. I love that Lee over at Freshly Pieced has this link up on Wednesdays!

Here is what I am working on.  More Craftsy BOM from 2012......This quilt is making use of 6 of the blocks. 

These blocks have a little more brown in them than the previous ones I used up. I think orange and brown with touches of pink will make it look great. 
Here is the first one using 9 blocks. 

5 blocks to go............stay tuned!

Weekend projects

I have a finish! I made it home last night from my sister's house and got to work on finishing this quilt I wanted to enter into a challenge.  This is the Modern BOM 2 #1 block. I have 4 blocks remaining ready to sew into something but this quilt has the two solid color backgrounds of tarragon and navy kona. I think it turned out very well and I added some spiral quilting. 

"Box out" Of course it is overcast today but the quilting does show up. I want to enter it in the Le challenge #1 today. :) ~~~~~~~~~
I also finished the hand sewing on my curve ruler table runner and scrap mug rugs that coordinate. 
I love the big print and it is on the back of the table runner too so it is reversible if desired.  So happy with the finishes so far this month!!

WIP Wednesday

Today I am working on a little table runner project. I picked up a curve ruler from the last time I went to my quilting guild meeting. I have been practically drooling over it since.  A little scared and anxious I might not be able to use it correctly.  Check out the Quick Curve Ruler @ Sew Kind of Wonderful.

I made a small table topper and working on two sort of improv mug rugs to match. I think this turned out pretty well so far. Must finish binding and mug rugs and maybe this will be a great raffle item at guild?? will think about that. 
Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday

A lovely year of finishes goal - April

Time again to link up with Fiber of all Sorts and Bittersweet Designs "A year of lovely Finishes" project and set my goal(s).

I really want to finish my greenish hexi project so I think that will be it. 
I have some boarders on it now and I just have to decide if that is big enough or if I should put more hexis on it. hmmm?? I would like to finish this.

I have already gotten out the two quick boy charity quilt tops I put together last month and sandwiched both and quilted both. Finished binding one last night and made the binding for the other. A friend of mine is going to a class on monday to learn how to bind and her mother needs something to practice on so she is taking my quilt and binding. I think it will be great for her and another finish for me! :)

 VOTE if you can this week 4/5/13 Please!

Quilting Gallery news: I entered my Hooray for Spring entry from Project Quilting Season 4 #6 into the contest over at Quilting Gallery in the Spring category. If you have a moment you …

WIP - Wed

Linking up with Lee at  Freshly PiecedWith a guest host today, Natalie from

Okay today I am still trying to catch up from the weekend. :)

I am working on my Modern Block of the Month 2 hosted by Sew Mama Sew.
These are 24 1/2" blocks so I am thinking quick and easy...and BIG. I like!
Here is what I am playing with:

Wow they are BIG. I made 6 because I figured that size would make quite a few charity quilts quickly. I then decided for quilting purposes maybe only 4 blocks would be the best for me and All....That...Negative....Space!!!! aughhhhhhhhhh (picture the kid from Home Alone)
here is the option Alyssa has given:1 But there is also:2 and 3 and of course:4
I am playing around with using the two remaining of the six I made and mixing them with some navy blue grunge background and a few similar prints like in the tarragon (green) blocks. How would that be in style 3 with two green and two blue???