Fun Finish and Project Quilting off-season

I am super excited to post today.  I was not sure about the paper piecing project I started earlier this week.  It is a project from my quilt guild to make a monthly challenge block and this is #1. It is from Quilt Jane blog and it is block 21. 

I think I did pretty well. A couple points not so so but still okay.  I decided instead of making a "Make it and Wear it" project this month that I would "Make it and USE it" instead.  I inherited this rocking chair from my Mom. This was Grandma's chair but sadly I did not know her as she died the year I was born. I loved the chair when it was at my Grandpa's house and my Mom and I refinished the chair after he was gone.  Now it is so many many years later and it needed a new cushion.  I made my block with fabrics that work well in my living room. The terra cotta color is my wall color so I think it looks great. 
Here is my improv back with zipper cover:

Next up:  Project Quilting off season April challenge = What is your sign?
Kim over at Persimon Dreams held the Project Quilting challenge earlier this year. So much fun if you have never tried it.  Well now it is off season and though there won't be prizes it is still fun to get the juices flowing and think outside the box. 

My zodiac sign is Cancer. I knew I wanted to do some kind of celestial interpretation of the sign.  I looked up the constellation and thought I could work with that.  It is the faintest of the signs and I thought subtle was the way to go.  

I used the framework design from Anna Maria Horner 's Patchwork Prism quilt but made it much much smaller.  My 60 degree triangles started out at 2".  150 triangles later it is about 16" x 16" big.  I did not do the smaller prisms that were in the directions, instead I used a little bit of shiny organza to highlight the constellation.  Here is a pic with my notes on the constellation.  Very subtle. 
Here is the quilting which was really really fun.  
 I won a Aurifil thread pack from A lovely year of finishes at Bittersweet designs and Fiber of all sorts for my finish last month. In the pack was a 50# pale yellow thread...perfect!!
Here you can see the organza a little bit better. 


Both your projects look wonderful. Congratulations on the finish.
PersimonDreams said…
so gorgeous! wow! 150 triangles! Very impressive!
Marla said…
Your projects are beautiful.

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