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Make it and wear it - March


Sew Thinky Thursday...already?

Emily at Mommy's Nap Time has this weeks question up and ready.  First I can't believe it is Thursday and almost the end of the!
Okay the Question for today : If you were a quilt block which one would you be?

Yikes! I have no idea. I have been getting back into quilting only recently. So I am not sure what it is or what represents me the most...yet! I plan on trying many many things. I know some people know exactly what they like and they do it and do it often and are successful. I want to try it all and then weed out what I enjoy. With that said...recently I tried pieced circles. So fun.  They turned out great and I loved doing them.  I think that I am more than that though. I love scrappy piecing right now too. 
This is a charity quilt I made from scraps I made into a disappearing nine patch. I love the randomness of it. 
And not so random but the precise work involved in piecing this Burgoyne Surrounded that my mother and I worked on last spring for Quilts of Valor.   …

A Lovely Year of Finishes - March

Another Finish....I was not sure if I was going to do it this month. I wanted to do something with the 20 blocks I made over at the Craftsy BOM 2012. I picked two somewhat coordinating color themes with and accent in another color and hoped for the best. Well, they are pretty busy. I decided I didn't want them all in one quilt. So here is one charity quilt I made with 9 of the blocks so far. 

The print for the back was donated by a gal at one of my quilt guilds and there is plenty more for me to do something with the other 11 blocks.  I will save that ....for another month. 

Project Quilting #6- Hooray for Spring Challenge

Well here it is the final challenge for Project Quilting Season 4 sponsored byPersimon Dreams .  The last few weeks have really been something.  There has been lots of learning and experimenting AND lots of emotions.  Okay this challenge is "Hooray for Spring". Wide open and just about anything goes.   My quilt this week is sort of a quilt mash-up.  I received a letter from my sister in law containing and article about a man who makes these fabulous quilts with one block.   They are a kaleidoscope like block made from laying the repeat of the fabric print on top of each other and then you cut through enough layers to make a block.  

I had some floral fabric and decided to try a few to see what would happen.  Fun!  I decided this looked like spring so I was going to see where this would go.  
"You are a Seed"
All the flower hexi shaped blocks are from one piece of fabric.  I have been hoarding the lovely little girl panel designed by Cori Dontini. I love her work and t…

WIP - spring

Today is WIP over at Freshly Pieced and I have been working on a few things. 

More progress on last weeks green half-hexi quilt top. I put borders of a sort on but now it looks more traditional so not sure if I like it. 

Then onto this weeks Project Quilting Challenge. This is the 6th and last challenge. The theme is "Hooray for Spring". I have something in the works but it is only midweek and I might change my mind. My sister in law sent me an article about a man who makes these huge one block wonder quilts. I never thought I wanted to do one but I had some fabric and thought I might try and see what it looked like all kaleidoscopey. Fun that is what it is. We will have to see. 

Linking up with Freshly Pieced

Patone Emerald Challenge 2013


WIP Wednesday -greens

Linking up with Lee over at Freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday. 

My progress is slow but it is fun and it is green. Perfect for this time of year. 

Last night I did a little more on my half-hexi quilt. I put the strips I had done together and then decided to add another two rows. I still think I need to go bigger but then it is only a matter of time and I will have to turn it because it will be wider than long. hmmmm? not sure what I should do on this. Turning out pretty cool though. :)

Project Quilting - 4:5

Wow! Another challenge - Project Quilting -5
This one was called "Print Publications" page 28
My magazine stash consists of my moms collection of Quilt magazines. I didn't realize how hard it would be to come up with something from a Quilt magazine for a quilt but it really was....too many ideas in fact!
My page 28 was from Quilter's Newsletter 2000. 

The article is called "Heart and Soul" and it is a challenge in itself for people to come up with wearable art with the theme Heart and Soul. Well ??? 
In quilting, I feel my Heart and Soul goes back to the beginnings. I learned from my Mom and she believed in quilting, first, to be utilitarian. She used every scrap and item of clothing that was good enough to cut up into a quilt to create warmth and comfort for her family. Later she bought fabrics and created quilts she felt were to keep and used for special occasions. 
I started my project thinking I would use scraps. Somehow I wanted to incorporate form and struc…

Sew Thinky Thursday

Today's question from Emily at Mommy's Nap Time

What is your favorite Kona cotton or other fabric you run out of all the time?

Lately it seems to be Kona Charcoal. 
I also like Kona 

But I love color so go figure?? I think it would be fun to make my own color palette  to have all the time. I get scared when I think I want a whole bolt of something. ha

WIP right now has some of my Kona Coal that I love. 
This is one of my blocks from the Skill builder BOM

I have branched out and made a few other color quilts but I do love a bit of black in most things in and out of quilting.  I think the grays and the blacks really show off your work.  This is a journey and my color favs come and go but I think these three will stay with me for a while. 

Me and Monique

Me and my new friend Monique just hanging out at the cutting table today.  My lovely sewing friend, Kathy Morgan, made this adorably fun chicken pin-cushion for me.  She is so cute I almost can't do anything else around the house. A  few of my sewing gal pals got together last night and stayed up too late sewing and creating. I am having a  very slow moving day but Monique told me to get off my rear and do something constructive. 
I thought I would work on a charity quilt because this year already seems to be flying by. I also got to thinking maybe it would be really fast and productive to make two charity quilts out of the same pattern and fabrics (well almost) and see if I could get two tops done today.  Well.....
Two ....Two tops done!!!!
Yeah me and a big Thank you to my little hen friend, Monique. Couldn't have done it with out you today. :)
Now to think about the new Challenge over at Project Quilting season 4 challenge 5
What to do, what to do?? Oh Monique where are you?

February Report Card

Too Short! That is what February was. I did finish a few things and make some progress on another. So here is the monthly report:

First up:
-Scrappy Trip Around the world. The blogging craze that was started by Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville.
Mine went to a great local chapter of Project Linus

Ackkkkkkk! I am adding this a day late: I finished a UFO from last year and I can't believe I didn't get it in my report! My Charlie Brown charity quilt was sandwiched and quilted. I have not give it away yet but it is in the stack to go. :)

Next, I signed up for the over at Fiber of all sorts  and
I finished my challenge to complete an item. 
This is the Birdbath quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. I am giving this to my niece for Relay for life auction coming up (stay tuned for a chance to bid in the silent auction). I have not shown this to her yet. :)
Along with that I made a tote - Denise Schmidt Hope Market tote free pattern online. Turned out okay but was very thick and with the canvas i…