Project Quilting - 4:5

Wow! Another challenge - Project Quilting -5
This one was called "Print Publications" page 28
My magazine stash consists of my moms collection of Quilt magazines. I didn't realize how hard it would be to come up with something from a Quilt magazine for a quilt but it really was....too many ideas in fact!
My page 28 was from Quilter's Newsletter 2000. 

 The article is called "Heart and Soul" and it is a challenge in itself for people to come up with wearable art with the theme Heart and Soul. Well ??? 
In quilting, I feel my Heart and Soul goes back to the beginnings. I learned from my Mom and she believed in quilting, first, to be utilitarian. She used every scrap and item of clothing that was good enough to cut up into a quilt to create warmth and comfort for her family. Later she bought fabrics and created quilts she felt were to keep and used for special occasions. 
I started my project thinking I would use scraps. Somehow I wanted to incorporate form and structure like the clothing in the magazine article but I still wanted to reflect my heart and soul. 

My challenge entry: "Heart and Soul" - You are loved

Sort of a scrappy modern God's eye. Lots of quilting again with pops of color. My own design I guess since again, I just started cutting and sewing. First time I used so much white!

38" x 40" before washed. We are having some cloudy, snowy weather so not sure I can get a better picture up.

Note: a very sad, terrible, horrible day is when........happens!
 no more 50# in the house!


Interesting quilt. It's fun to play and see where it takes you!
Anonymous said…
I love your quilting on this project. Do you use the Aurifil 50 for quilting and piecing?
Carla said…
I love your quilt. The quilting is perfect. We too are having cloudy and very windy weather. I hate taking pictures of my quilts inside...
Heart and Soul is beautiful.
Z. said…
I love the block spacing on the quilting.
PersimonDreams said…
gorgeous! Love how you were inspired by the page without replicating it - fantastic!
Caryn said…
Your quilting is divine. I've been experimenting with random crosshatching and I really appreciate a chance to see how it looks with such precision. I know how long that density takes and am so impressed that you had the patience to keep your spacing consistent while also altering it in different parts of the quilt. Such a great accomplishment for a week!

Also nice to see a fellow Nebraska! :)
Caryn said…
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I just clicked over to your full web page and saw you're a member of the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild, which means I'm sure I've seen you and possibly communicates with you on fb, but I can't quite make the connection. I'd love to connect your face to your blog. Please let me know if you'll be at the next meeting and I'll make a point to connect. And feel free to publicly shame me if I obviously know who you are and am just drawing a blank. I really am horrible with names, but I'm working hard to get to know everyone I can!
Carolyn said…
I love the colors you have in this and the quilting is amazing!
llassiter said…
I love the color pops against the white...absolutely beautiful!

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