Me and Monique

Me and my new friend Monique just hanging out at the cutting table today.  My lovely sewing friend, Kathy Morgan, made this adorably fun chicken pin-cushion for me.  She is so cute I almost can't do anything else around the house. A  few of my sewing gal pals got together last night and stayed up too late sewing and creating. I am having a  very slow moving day but Monique told me to get off my rear and do something constructive. 

I thought I would work on a charity quilt because this year already seems to be flying by. I also got to thinking maybe it would be really fast and productive to make two charity quilts out of the same pattern and fabrics (well almost) and see if I could get two tops done today. 

Two ....Two tops done!!!!

Yeah me and a big Thank you to my little hen friend, Monique. Couldn't have done it with out you today. :)

Now to think about the new Challenge over at Project Quilting season 4 challenge 5

What to do, what to do?? Oh Monique where are you?


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