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A Lovely Year of Finishes -Jan Edition Finish

Here it is Friday and the end of the month. I am sad it is going so fast but I think I have some pretty good momentum going and I "hope" that takes me into Feb. 

My January Finish for A Lovely Year of Finishes over at Bittersweet Designs and Fiber of all sorts HERE is my Giant Starburst from the QAL over at Canoe Ridge Creations. Original post about finish goal HERE

It has been really windy so I have had to have my husband help but it is late in the day when he gets home so some of the pics are in the shadows. I really need to work on photography. 

 Yep, jumped on the IKEA fabric for this back. I love it with this. One of my favorite quilt making experiences ever! Measures 60x06 straight line quilting with Aurifil pieced binding Love the way the colors came together too! I might be using this in an upcoming contest but will have to wait and see. 
Other than that I dabbled in some other crafty things. I started out thinking I was going to do the Project Quilting challenge this time wh…

WIP Wed. -Finish Wed!

I was all ready to write about my progress on my diversionary little log cabin blocks I started last week. If you remember I was side-tracked from the project at hand and just wanted to I made mini logs. (even had my husband sew a few logs on) :)

***** Update: I entered this log cabin finish in the FB group sponsored by SewCanShe and won! I am so so happy and shocked...but happy!!woohoo

Well today I was quilting on it at 6 a.m. and by lunch time I was thinking I would just sew the binding on...then Voila! it is done.  

Trying out the rolling foot...let's just say "LOVE IT"! I am trying not to let the imperfections of my FMQing stop me...I just kept quilting. The log blocks in the center were pretty bulking so I just did minimal circles there. I faced a bit of my 'negative space' fear by making up part of the circles out in no where land. I sort of had this lacy look going so I went with it. 

And...this is what I ended up with. So much for the star center I t…

Friday Finish..yeah baby!

I finished my "Goodnight Irene" quilt from the QAL over at Terry's Treasures blog .  Since I used a few fat quarters I decided to finish most of them off on the back side. I think it works.

Next I finished 2 more blocks from the Skill builder 2013 QAYG BOM. Yeah me!!!

Looks like I need some spray starch. :) So...let's see I think I have 4 more blocks to go then quilt them and sew them together. Too early to say the end is near but I am just happy with a couple more done. 

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WIP Wed. progress or diversion?

Sometimes when I think too long on a problem quilt or a hard project I feel the need to just sew. I happen to have some fat quarters that I came across when straightening up around my cutting table (another diversion from hard project). 

I can't remember ever making a log cabin quilt before. I starting playing with the fat quarters and on such a small scale comes these little 4.5" blocks. 

I like it so far. I have 36 little blocks. I am not sure if I will keep making them or stop there. There are lots of layout possibilities. Right now I am leaning towards a star shape. I don't know...this was just a diversion. I think I am ready to get back to the other projects now so this will sit on the back burner a bit. 

There is a group on FB from SewCanShe that is making things this week with mini log cabin blocks. So fun. (it might motivate me)???

For now off to work on what I was working on before I got distracted!! :)

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WIP Wed with Lee 

Finish it up Friday and S'more Love Giveaway

Today I have a quilt top done from my "Goodnight Irene" QAL over at Terry's Treasures HERE.  This was a pretty fast and fun put together. Few issues along the way but now going to piece a back and get this baby quilted. Today...or tomorrow...or soon!!!!

I decided to go 5 x 7 rows and then add the border. I think it will be a pretty good size. I am going to use more fat quarters for the back I think. The mix of prints and colors worked pretty well overall. Indoor pic..sorry! We have had nothing but high winds the last couple of days.  Lovely looking scorched ironing board in the corner and all for your viewing pleasure.:)

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Now I am going to let you know that yesterday was my 100th post! whoop whoopie!!! 


Dec. 31st 2013 was my 1 year Blog-anniversary! If I would have been on task I would have hit them both pretty close to the same time. But here I am now and ready to try my hand at giving back to those of yo…

In the Pink

Rachel over at Stitched in Color  is hosting a Pink Mosaic contest. I don't usually choose pink right off but I wanted to see what I could come up with. This was really fun so I wanted to share. Check out the fabrics at SewModern and see what you can come up with. 

I am calling this one "Frosty Pink" and I am already thinking of what I can make with this selection. :)
p.s. I hope this looks as good to everyone out there as it does to me. My monitor is old and the colors not always so accurate.

WIP Wed and Goodnight Irene!


Project Quilting Season 5 - #1

So excited that Kim over at Persimon Dreams is hosting Project Quilting again this year. It was so fun last year and I accomplished a lot.  This year I had so many ideas for this first Challenge. I wanted to do something more arty but when it came down to it I really need to make lap or baby size quilts for some of the charities I contribute to. I am sure I will do something more artsy before the challenge is over but for today I am going with a version of a scrap quilt. 

The Challenge is "String Along with Me"

I used the same strip quilt as you go as I did in a quilt I made last Oct following Maureen Cracknell and her Herringbone QAYG quilt tutorial. 
This was is called Scrappy II  it is 43 x 45. All scrap strings, scrap batting pieces and scrap binding. It might not be very creative but my scrap box is looking so much better!

 (notice the fun fabric I found for the back...lovely dotty diamonds!) Simple quilting since each strip was quilted right to the batt. I did some decorati…

FAL wanna be?

I can't really decide what I want to do for the first quarter FinishALong but I want to try. I hope that sort of counts. :) I think I have to start low and slow and give myself some momentum to finish a few things. 

1.Skill builder BOM QAYG blocks:

I have 10 blocks sandwiched and quilted; 4 sandwiched and 6 yet to make. I would be happy to just get all the blocks done and the remaining quilted. But if I get them put together that would be great too. 

2. Craftsy 2012 BOM blocks:
I made all the blocks during 2012 but then didn't want to put them all together. So in 2013 I made 3 smaller quilts with some of the blocks and just have a few left to work into a small quilt. 

3. Metro Medallion QAL 
 This quilt top is actually sewn together. I am just a scardy-cat over quilting it. I hope for some inspiration or.... a huge snow storm! 

4.  Diamond quilt
This top is also together, back pieced I just need to sit down and quilt it somehow someway. I am just such a chicken. Both of these quilt …

Finish it up Friday (Saturday)

I actually finished this quilt project up last night but in the dark gloom I could not take any pictures. Now it is very early Saturday and still not enough daylight to take a decent picture..hrmmph!
I am posting it anyway so I can link up before noon. I will take a better picture (in later post) as it is going to be linked up to the first Project Quilting over at Persimmon Dreams this Sunday.  (more about the challenge in later post)

My version was changed because of the scraps of batting sizes I had left. I just made the blocks using most of the batting pieces. It ended up making this repeating diamond shape.  It finished at about 42 X45 " Perfect for going on my charity pile. 
 This one makes me almost as happy as my 

Scrap Happy Time back in Oct 2013 This was a tutorial for a QAYG Herringbone by Maureen Cracknell see link. 

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Wed. WIP - back at it

Here it is midweek and I am fighting the urge to start something new before working on an old. I stopped and took a breath yesterday and told myself I can stick to a new years goal longer than a week...I hope anyway!
I did not set a goal down in writing, but in my mind I would like to sew something old (or at least work on it) before starting something new. 

With that in mind my WIP for this Wed. are a few of my Skill Builder BOMs at Pile o Fabric with Alyssa Lichner

I modified a couple blocks to my liking and have them sandwiched and ready to quilt. I think I will try to push through a few more blocks and then set them up to quilt all a once.  I am just happy to get at them again as I have fabric set aside for this BOM in several places and I need the space. 

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