WIP Wed. -Finish Wed!

I was all ready to write about my progress on my diversionary little log cabin blocks I started last week. If you remember I was side-tracked from the project at hand and just wanted to sew...so I made mini logs. (even had my husband sew a few logs on) :)

***** Update: I entered this log cabin finish in the FB group sponsored by SewCanShe and won! I am so so happy and shocked...but happy!!woohoo

Well today I was quilting on it at 6 a.m. and by lunch time I was thinking I would just sew the binding on...then Voila! it is done.  

Trying out the rolling foot...let's just say "LOVE IT"! I am trying not to let the imperfections of my FMQing stop me...I just kept quilting. The log blocks in the center were pretty bulking so I just did minimal circles there. I faced a bit of my 'negative space' fear by making up part of the circles out in no where land. I sort of had this lacy look going so I went with it. 

And...this is what I ended up with. So much for the star center I thought I was going to have. I think this square wreath look works. I love the greens with the blues. 
Since it is hard to see the quilting on the front here is a quick shot (and I mean quick shot taken with wind blowing like you would not believe).  Maybe I was channeling the Olympic rings when I started this quilting but I like how it turned out. 
Scrappy binding to finish it off because I didn't have any one fabric left over with enough in to make the total binding. I think it is okay but in hindsight I should have just used something else. It is okay ...I think? One lone log on the back. This log cabin measures approx. 35 x 35 
Not sure what I am going to do with it now but I did have lots of firsts in this project:
First time using the rolling leather foot
First time trying to make a design with quilting that is not really there
First time using my BSR stitch regulator but not plugging it in, just using it as a darning foot..I also left the feed dogs up (for some reason the stitches looked better than when I tried it with regulator on and feed dogs down???)Any thoughts on that would be appreciated??

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Hooray for a finish! I really like the green.
Quilt Musings said…
Your quilting looks great! Leah Day (leahday.com) says that machines work better with the feed dogs up because that is how the machine was intended to work. I never lower my feed dogs and my machine seems to like it :)
Jacqui S. said…
Your work is really lovely. I don't use a machine, and can't help but love all the different stitches and designs it is possible to make with one.
Jo said…
What a great finish! Loving the colours :)
Wow!! Such lovely quilting!! I love the colors you used for it as well. It is really incredible.
Anne said…
That is beautiful!! Love the quilting and the design of the quilt is really striking!
Marie Joerger said…
This quilt is beautiful! Love the use of log cabin - very unique! And the quilting... WOW!
Lorna McMahon said…
LOVE IT! That quilting is amazing! And the design is superb. Love the green and blue palette too. I am always drawn to those cool and calming colours. What a fabulous finish!
Rachel said…
Very nice! The quilting looks great.
Diann said…
The color and texture on this quilt is just amazing. Beautiful!

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