Project Quilting Season 5 - #1

 So excited that Kim over at Persimon Dreams is hosting Project Quilting again this year. It was so fun last year and I accomplished a lot.  This year I had so many ideas for this first Challenge. I wanted to do something more arty but when it came down to it I really need to make lap or baby size quilts for some of the charities I contribute to. I am sure I will do something more artsy before the challenge is over but for today I am going with a version of a scrap quilt. 

The Challenge is "String Along with Me"

I used the same strip quilt as you go as I did in a quilt I made last Oct following Maureen Cracknell and her Herringbone QAYG quilt tutorial. 
This was is called Scrappy II  it is 43 x 45. All scrap strings, scrap batting pieces and scrap binding. It might not be very creative but my scrap box is looking so much better!

 (notice the fun fabric I found for the back...lovely dotty diamonds!)
Simple quilting since each strip was quilted right to the batt. I did some decorative stitches on some of the strips with some various colored threads. I love finding a use for those decorative stitches. 



Hi, Kris. Love this string design. The vertical cuts really give it energy. Beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by MulticoloredSnippets and commenting.
best, nadia
Terry said…
It looks wonderful! :0)
Melissa said…
Congratulations on a quilt done in one week! Awesome!
PersimonDreams said…
Very fun! I just love string quilts! Thanks for joining in the challenge!
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