Making a little dent! and Finish it up...

This is probably a bit unusual but my Friday Finish (now Saturday) is to finish up a post I was going to make back in November. (yep that far behind on some things) Today is the day!!! Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday

 I was really happy recently when one of my quilt guilds offered up a challenge to make an upcycled or recycled project. I didn't know what I was going to make so I dug around through my closets. That was a bit of downer! ha I have stuff and no place for it to go and I am saving things for who knows what purprose...but someday??? You know what I mean?  As soon as it is thrown away I will want it for something. 

In my searching I found a box of flannel shirt squares I cut up several years ago. My husband was in a flannel shirt phase and then not. Lots of plaids and I figured why not make a big "Plus" quilt with them. 

I love how this turned out. I didn't know that flannel could be so easy to sew but very heavy. I ended up not putting a batting in this but I used a piece of Chamois cloth (like double sided thick flannel) for the back and quilted it with a cross-hatch design. I have enough squares to make another and another piece of Chamois only in blue. I need to just do it!

I also wanted to upcycle some of my husband's denim pants. I felt a rug would be a great use of the stacks of jeans I had. Well.....after 5 broken needles I decided a nice basket for scraps might be what I really wanted..haha!
 Note the lovely gray crocheted rug...well my husband also has a mazillion gray t-shirts. I cut the logos off and cut the strands in a circular strip around the main part of the t-shirt to get many yards of t-shirt yarn. This is a sturdy and thick rug. Ugly? yes but soft and thick. Next time I might try dying some of the t-shirt.


Vera said…
Cool project! I love upcycling!
Gemini Jen NZ said…
You've been very clever! The plaid quilt looks really cosy.
this is such a great, manly quilt and it looks great in the plus pattern!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation
Jasmine said…
It is hard to believe you made that basket out of jeans. It looks amazing! And your rug doesn't look ugly from here. :)
Love the flannel! That was a great idea not to use batting...I bet it would weigh a ton if you had. The design looks great with the flannel too. I have had many project that went from quilt to table runner, ha ha! Great ideas though, so thrifty:)

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