Friday Finish Improv "Closer to you"

"Closer to you"
approx 46" x 48"
spiral quilting
did not straighten edges, just bound as is
I finished! I am super surprised at this one. I have been working on doing the Improv scores from the book The improv handbook for modern quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.  This is my #4 score on the patchwork doodle. I started the center blocks of this quilt last year when Louisiana Bendolph taught a class about Gees Bend quilts and quilters.  A good portion of this fabric is up-cycled pieces from my moms scrap box. The coral strips are pieces from an old dress. There is even a dart or two in my quilt that I left in.  Some of the denim is from a patch bag that she also had in her stash so I am assuming they are bits from her old jeans.  I didn't have any striped scraps from my dads old Oshkosh overalls so I went to the thrift store and bought a few striped shirts.  The lighter blue fabrics are from the portrait quilt I made of my mom called So Blue

The score could be done like a medallion. I started with those 4 blocks and then kept adding around and around until it was a good size wall hanging.  I wanted to play with several improv techniques and just let the shape work itself out. 
Surprises - how much fun it is to take bits that are made and fit them together. This is not new to me but I am surprised by the 'puzzlement' of it every time. 
Discoveries - I am an emotional quilter. I felt like the whole while I was putting this together that I was really close to my mom and oddly the unidentified men who gave up their shirts for this quilt! 
Satisfactions -The mix of fabrics was both frustrating and liberating. By using the mix of old and new and textures and weights it came all together and felt right.
Dissatisfaction - I think the only thing would be that is it over and that I still have a ton of fabric left. I could have gone bigger and done more but this felt right as what to do with all the leftover fabric?

The back I had lots of leftover shirt fabric and I had an odd block that I tried but didn't fit on the front.  I can't wait to wash this and see how crinkly good it turns out. 

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Anne said…
This is my favorite thing you have ever made which is really saying a whole lot. Amazing!!
Anne said…
This is my favorite thing you have ever made which is really saying a whole lot. Amazing!!
liz said…
FANTASTIC design! I love working improvisationally and this is a great quilt!
I am soon going to attempt spiral quilting a large quilt. Any tips?
Clumsy Chord said…
It looks great! Improv does not come naturally to me but pieces like this make me wish it did!
Marla aka YaYa said…
Your quilt is an inspiration. I love the variety of fabrics from a variety of places. Nice.
Havplenty said…
Really awesome quilt. I gotta try improv one of these days.
Kris said…
I think the key is in basting. Make sure you have it tight and the presser foot does not push fabric around but flows over. I stop several times and press everything flat. This fabric was really stretching and mixed in thickness yet it stretched the least and the edges lay flat.
Mary Marcotte said…
Fantastic quilt! I've been wanting that book so it's time to get to shopping! I love, love this quilt and the improv behind it. The spiral quilting does scare me, but I have to at least try it because it looks awesome! Again, beautiful quilt!
Kris PK said…
Oh, I love this so much!
Paige said…
Fantastic improve! I especially like where the light blue is sewn to the pointy geese. Everything fits together so well and the spiral quilting is nice too!
Alycia said…
That is fantastic! And the quilting! LOVE!!!
Debbie said…
Boy I love this - front and back both! Very cool!
Jen said…
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! It's wonderful, Kristie!
Wendy said…
Beautiful! I just love it!
mcpn said…
Love it! Love it! Love it! When we left the workshop, I wasn't sure if you were going to finish it or not. I', so glad you did.

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