Project Quilting #6- Hooray for Spring Challenge

Well here it is the final challenge for Project Quilting Season 4 sponsored byPersimon Dreams .  The last few weeks have really been something.  There has been lots of learning and experimenting AND lots of emotions.  Okay this challenge is "Hooray for Spring". Wide open and just about anything goes.   My quilt this week is sort of a quilt mash-up.  I received a letter from my sister in law containing and article about a man who makes these fabulous quilts with one block.   They are a kaleidoscope like block made from laying the repeat of the fabric print on top of each other and then you cut through enough layers to make a block.  

I had some floral fabric and decided to try a few to see what would happen.  Fun!  I decided this looked like spring so I was going to see where this would go.  
"You are a Seed"

All the flower hexi shaped blocks are from one piece of fabric.  I have been hoarding the lovely little girl panel designed by Cori Dontini. I love her work and this one has this wonderful saying - 

"If you Plant the Seeds they will GROW...if you water and FEED them ...They will Bloom. YOU are a seed (care for yourself)."

  Love this! It made a perfect mash-up with the one block wonder flowers.  I think this is shouting "Hooray for Spring" so I am going with it. 

It was a learning lesson in many ways just like all the challenges have been for me.  This quilt is approx. 32 1/2" x 32 1/2".  It is pieced, appliqued, fused applique, free motion quilted and echo quilted.  Bound turned by hand.  Whew!

*Note: the panel had different flowers on it in wrong colors so I changed it up a bit with other Cori Dontini fabric and my floral one block wonder print. 


PersimonDreams said…
Wonderful! I love hexi's and Kaleidoscopes - great job!

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