Finish it up friday a video, a fox and teamwork

A couple of years ago I made "So Blue" a portrait of my mother. On the National Quilting day this year I signed up to video my quilt with the Quilt Alliance. Click on So Blue to hear my story...makes me cry every time! 

Practicing some freemotion quilting on this wholecloth quilt just in time for the Lincoln Quilts for Kids sew day tomorrow. 

Practice Practice practice.........and more practice needed!!!!

Earlier in the week I met up with some gals from our lqg and we worked on finishing two quilts made from the blocks our guild members donated for PULSE.  

Jennifer sewed it together, Sarah quilted it and I sewed on the binding. 

Jennifer helped me lay this one out and I sewed and quilted it at home and then put the binding on that day. We worked in a fun little shop called Crafthouse in my area. 

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Jen said…
Woo teamwork! We've had some fun this week! I totally copied you on my blog post haha!
Sarah Goer said…
I love how you guys set the hearts in the quilt with the upside down hearts. What a great twist! :-)
Jenny said…
LOve your fox quilt. And the spiral quilting with the hearts. Great work!!

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