"Woven" - a Nebraska 150 celebration

This year my state of Nebraska will commemorate its Sesquicentennial (150 years) of statehood.  A challenge went out to make a 24" wall quit with the theme Inspired by Nebraska's Diversity.  Our local modern quilt guild was already working on a project to tie in a charity fund raiser quilt and while I was participating in that I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a personal wall quilt. 

My thought process was to present a sort of history woven in fabric.  I started improv piecing scraps, in the lightest fabrics I had, creating a grid of the farm land I grew up with.  The textures of the warp and weft are created by tiny inserts of fabric, some less than 1/2" wide.  Part of the aerial landscape is a bit of my journey. Born near the South Dakota/Nebraska border and slowly making my way south in the state and ending at the our state capital, Lincoln.  The colors darken as you go down from top to bottom, representing a history faded from the past down to much more earthy tones of present day. 

-State bird is the Western Meadowlark
-State flower is the Golden rod
-We are the 37th state into the Union on March 1, 1867
-J. Sterling Morton founded the first Arbor Day in 1872. By 1920 45 other states adopted this holiday.
-Eagle Rock was the most mentioned rock formation in diaries of those who traveled on the Oregon Trail. 
-Migration of the Sandhill and Whooping Cranes have an important river stop-over here in Nebraska. I have seen this and it is spectacular.
-Only state with Unicameral legislation, influenced by Senator George Norris in 1937.
-The Great Platte River Road Archway monument, the "Kearney Arch" is a museum directly over the Interstate. 
-Homestead Act of 1862. Because of this law signed by President Lincoln to open up the western territory of the nation, 160 acres to anyone 21 years or older for 5 years.  5 years later Nebraska became a state. 
-We have 93 counties. 
-Our capital of Lincoln was named after President Lincoln. 

And now you know too much about Nebraska!! 

Match stick organic quilting added the final texture.  After appliqueing the state capital pieces on the quilt I thread sketched over the parts I wanted to highlight. 

When you look at this piece from afar you will see that the darker fabrics meant to be part of  the aerial view of the land now appears to be more of a cityscape (the bottom foundation of this piece beside the capital building). It is meant to change your view point of the quilt to reflect a cityscape of industry that represents the present day Lincoln Nebraska. 

All of this history is "Woven" into this quilt through the depiction of the land, the people and industry that make this state the diverse state that it is today.  My personal journey (slightly shown in the quilt) represents such a tiny bit. I am fortunate that my family has farmed part of this land for over 100 years. 

I am so excited this exhibit is hanging at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum right now.  The wall quilts will be judged next monday and the winners will be revealed at a luncheon in February. Wish me luck. There are some really beautiful quilts in this challenge. 

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Carla Killens said…
Stunning ! I wich you luck !!!
Love from Belgium, Carla
Miss Alissa said…
I had hopes of completing something for this as well. Never quite made the time :( I absolutely love what you created! I love my Nebraska!
Cut&Alter said…
Wow I love this!!! You did a fantastic job with this and thanks for all the information on Nebraska!
Wow, amazing!!! We lived just over the border, in Shenandoah, so I'm familiar with most of your text notes. Just loving this. Best wishes!
Jean said…
I love this. You are so talented and I can tell that you really put a lot of thought into this work of art. Love the quilting as well. How long will this exhibit hang at the museum?
Kris said…
Thanks Jean, the display is up until Feb 25th and then they will be back for one day on Nat'l quilting day which is March 18th which is a fun free day to come to the museum as there will be lots of groups and displays and talks and fun! I hope you can make it.
mcpn said…
This piece is amazing, Kris. You continue to raise the bar I'm reaching for. :) Megan
Liz said…
I just love that subtle woven look of the background, and the quilting adds such a nice texture. Really stunning!
Kris said…
Thank you so much Liz!
Izzy said…
This is such a beautiful piece! I loved learning about Nebraska and wish you luck! :-)
What a gorgeous piece! I enjoyed learning about Nebraska and plan to use it to impress my husband when we travel the Midwest this summer. I've always felt that Lincoln would be the perfect city to live in because you're about in the center of the country; my Louisiana husband disagrees. :-)
Certainly you will have fabulous competition, but I hope your quilt wins. It's beautiful and carries so much meaning. Good luck!
Cheryl said…
This is such a beautiful design!
Maryse said…
Beautiful work!
It's a fascinating piece, and I enjoyed reading all about it. Best of luck with your entry, it deserves a ribbon!!
AMAZING! I would have expected nothing less from you. Exactly why I never want to follow you in show and share. I love this piece. You rock.
liz said…
A true piece of art! Love it!
Blogger said…
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