WIP experiment with something new

I have a thing about the art of Amedeo Clemente Modigliani. I have been wanting to practice thread sketching some more so decided to try my hand at this little lady.  

Proportion is off but I don't even care. This was so fun to do. This is Madame Raynouard 1916.  
I am doing an organizational challenge right now too and I found a couching foot that I have never used before so I couched some yarn to the edge. Needs fuller yarn or rattail but for this practice piece it was fine.  She is approx. 8" x 10" and already stuck to my wall. 

I also made up a few drool bibs this week to send to my great nephew. I hope they work. They are the bandana style made with flannel and or terry cloth. 

Turned out sweet!!!

LInking up with Lorna @ Let's Bee Social HERE


Clumsy Chord said…
That looks amazing! Seriously great job!

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