"On the farm" memories

After I took the pic at the top I was out at my recycle center and there was this little bobcat parked. I am sure if anyone saw me they thought I was nuts. I looked all over it for a place to clip my little mini. Luckily I had some clothespins in my car. 
The fabric colors are not my usual favs. I had this cute FQ with slogans and text on that a friend gave me. I grew up on a farm and milking cows and caring for the chickens and garden were a big part of early years. This has cute little chicks, a jug of milk and a farm fresh strawberry. Ah the memories......
I used only fabrics that were near by because I am in the process of trying to organize my sewing. I think these fabrics worked out okay.  I used up another scrap piece of batting not to mention some swirl practice freemotion quilting. All in all a fun little piece. 
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Kaja said…
This is fun! I especially like how you have used the fabric with the text on it.

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