Finish it up Friday - Random Logs

"Random Logs" finished UFO woohoo
I made a quilt with some of this fabric for a charity a few years ago. (below) In keeping with my organizational challenge to not just move things from place to place but to finish things, I decided to just sew. I had 6 small 8" blocks and a bunch of scrap strips cut in a bag with backing fabric tucked in there too. I literally just started sewing strips on to the blocks and made 3 more just from scraps. The most fun was that I didn't once measure the blocks just squared them up after adding each log. I marked on my design wall the desired size I wanted for this crib size quilt and just kept sewing until I got within range. Totally mindless and very enjoyable sewing. Yay!!!  ....another one bites the dust and another one is gone!!  

This was on my 2017 UFO challenge on a secondary list, still, it is a goner!!

I made more log cabin blocks but didn't fit them in because I wanted to hurry up and finish this off before the charity sew day. 


Debbie said…
Very pretty and I love that you used BROWN!
Congrats! on knocking TWO projects off your UFO list.
Cheryl said…
What a fun log cabin! I really like how you combined all of the prints in the blocks.

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