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 Happy New Year!   There is always so much planning and resolution making going on this time of year. I decided to join a couple challenges that split up some of the things I want to accomplish into monthly installments.  I think with that kind of a set up there will be less  "More" accomplishments and that will keep the good vibes going. 

First up is a friend of mine doing an organizational challenge. Steph Jacobson is heading up the  #organizedsewingspace2017.  I was sure I did not need to do this challenge and then...........I realized that what I have on my shelves and stashed in corners has been around for a while and not getting much use. Just before Christmas I opened a bag and found that receipt from 1997 for these two pieces of fleece (which are now a warm fuzzy blanket) HERE and soon realized I have a lot more issues than I thought.  My intention still was to do this on my own and I started to look at the scrap bags on the floor before you get to my scrap bins. 12 bags later of sorting, throwing, donating AND sewing I came up with a few things. Below is an all scrap string quilt. The pieces I used just as they were when I found them. I cut 8 pieces from my scrap batting pile and whoop...there it is! 
Strings O'plenty 36x46
I actually finished this on Christmas Eve but I am counting it today. 

8 new potholders!!! I really need these and they were all scraps or some orphan blocks. I am notorious for saving every bit I cut off when I am squaring a quilt or excess that I cut off when doing improv or well just about everything! (3 of the bags of scraps on the floor were so small that I have no idea how I would even sew them...they would have made confetti but that is about it) Oh well, moving forward. 
These are the backsides and I had fun using up some improv bits and more orphans and more leftover bits from other quilts.   Also more batting strips that were too small for anything else. I had plenty of the heat insulate (found some in 3 places) so I used up some of that too. They are pretty rough in a few places but the binding were also strings or pieces that were close to fitting. They are only potholders for me after all.

I made a couple of mini quilt tops that I will finish up and share soon.  But first, the other challenge I was talking about.  It is the All people quilt 2017 UFO challenge. If you go to the link you can download a sheet to get you going. I started listing and found I have so many tops that need quilting and that is my weakest area. So I made another list of things I can do to keep the momentum going. A few days ago they already drew the number for which UFO we are to tackle.  Luckily mine was a mini and easy but ........where was it??? So more cleaning and I found not only the parts but the remaining fabric to finish it (in a totally different place I might add). :)

This UFO was from my local modern guilds sew day back in Oct I think. We were doing wonky house blocks with the hopes of hooking up with Habitat for Humanity. So happy to see my little house finished.  Cross one off my list!

Back to more cleaning today as the goal from Steph's challenge was to just work on our sewing table to start. Mine looked so innocent and sweet. It was a lie! 

I hope you join or follow a challenge that motivates you in the new year. There is so much to make and learn and get better at.  

Let me know if you decide to join one of these challenges and maybe we can encourage each other through out the year. 

Have a Happy and Productive New Year!!

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verpa said…
I love your string quilt. The ufo chalenge is a great idea, I have also many of tops need quilting :))
Lorinda Davis said…
Great job using up what you have! I love your quilt so much.
Great work, Kris. I love your potholders.
Thanks for sharing!!!

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