PQ. 2" Lily" Stitch and Slash

This weeks challenge was a Carolina Lily. I researched the flower, the quilt block and set out on EQ7 to make my own design.   

Not sure what I think of it. If I would finish coloring it in, I think I might like it. I have been wanting to play with my EQ7 program for a long time and I am trying to find ways to do it.  My lqg has group starting the end of the month and I want to play a bit before the class.  

So I decided against this quilt as you see from the pic above.  Next on my mental list of things to do this year ...finish watching some of my Craftsy classes that I signed up for.  Is it just me?  I get a class and get all excited about it and then never get around watching it.  Well.......... I now have one under my belt. Carol Ann Waugh's "Slash and stitch" class.  I watched, I found 4 fabrics, ironed, layered, and stitched.  Found a seam ripper and .....let it rip. So much fun!

I am already down to the 3rd layer where you see the red/orange dots.  Backing up a bit. I picked the colors of these layers by using my color wheel. (another thing I want to try to do more this year) I chose analogous colors orange, red, purple and a light blue purple that is in just the outline pieces. 

I added couching to my outline pieces. (I am so glad I found that foot in my sewing room organizational challenge)  The focus on the center is beads and quilting and layered threads. Freemotion stitching on double batting (scraps) to make the petals really stand out.  

I am not sure. I think I sort of like it. It has interest and you can sort of tell what it is. :)

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PersimonDreams said…
this is BEYOND gorgeous! I NEED to try this method! WOW!
I agree with Kim this is a great finish and just perfect for PQ where you can try new techniques and ideas. This technique looks great fun, I must try it.
Bizarre Quilter said…
Great to try new ideas.
quiltingbydawn said…
Love the abstract feel of the lily. Another technique to try!
Amy said…
This is really neat! I want to try doing this now! I love your fabric choices and the abstract look!
Trish Frankland said…
OK - I'm intrigued about the class. This seems like the IDEAL technique for PQ!
Mel Beach said…
This is stunning...makes for such a graphic design. Great colors, great lines...just amazing!
Vera said…
Pretty cool interpretation!
Carla said…
Well, Kris, I'm a little late to the party, but WOWZERS. I love this. You really hopped out of the box and it is awesome!!!!

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