Make do and do it! PQ 8.1

approx 29" x 29"
In my quest to clean and organize a bit in my sewing room(s) I plan to see what I can come up with for challenges that I already have.  This 8 sided spider web is for the Project Quilting season 8 first challenge - "8 is great". I was working on cleaning up the floor in my sewing room and I came across 2 bags of mostly useless selvages. I didn't know what I was doing when I saved them and they were mostly too skinny to even use or there was no wording or color bubbles. Crazy! So I found enough to do this spider web. Drafted a triangle template with newspaper and started laying them out. The inspiration for this piece really came from my friend Jennifer. Right before the holidays she started a string quilt spiderweb that is so awesome so I knew I wanted to put it on my bucket list. Well, no time like the present. 

I took this when it was 2 degrees F out. My hands were a little shaky to say the least. I am so pleased with this piece. Not only did I use up a lot of these odd selvages but I also tried my hand at drafting a different size pattern. Help on this I found at Bonnie Hunter's blog.  In my cleaning I found some fusible tape to butt scraps of batting together so I did that and used up some odd sized poly batting. I don't often use poly much and I quilted this in a spiral. If anyone has any tips of how to keep the quilt sandwich from spinning on it's back I would appreciate it? My backing (I am not showing) is so crooked and I specially lined it up straight when I pin basted it.  I covered part of it over with the quilt sleeve but it is still crooked at the bottom. Something more to learn in this new year I guess.

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Shauna said…
very cool, love it
Tammy Stack said…
How fun! Love the webs
PersimonDreams said…
I give you so much credit for taking the picture in that cold weather! I have a bunch of finsihes adn I'm still letting it warm up before i head out.

Love your spider web! Looks fantastic! Great combo of fabrics - color and patterns!
Trish Frankland said…
So great! I keep thinking there's a strips-and-strings version of this in my scrap bin but haven't gotten around to it yet. Beautiful finish!
That quilt looks great. Don't worry about the back so much since it doesn't show. Maybe try basting along the outside edges (where the binding goes) and work in both directions. Make a full circle going clockwise, then turn the quilt to sew the next full circle counter-clockwise. I'm not saying that will work, but I'd give it a try. :) Good luck!
What a clever idea and beautiful quilt as well. I like to get involved with Project Quilting but 8 didn't inspire me with any ideas. I obviously didn't think hard enough! Perhaps next time.
Jen said…
I love how this turned out and I'm so inspired by what you're making while cleaning up your sewing room! Can't wait to see what you make next!
Havplenty said…
Great looking project. Thumbs up for learning new skills. I wonder if glue basting would have helped stop the sliding.
Barbara said…
I love this. I can't wait to show my brother. I just told him today (a new quilter he is) about using salvages to make quilts. Love it.
Jodi said…
beautiful, nice and colorful!
Sharon said…
Love this! My goal is to do a selvage edge quilt during one of these challenges ) This turned out beautiful!
Great little string quilt! I love the look of these and should dig into my selvedge stash and do one too. I especially like the low volume and dark wedges you used to start the half blocks.

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