Retro Rubies Love!

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace." ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I am so.......loving this quilt. I think it will be a wall-hanging when done because the colors I used fit into my living room so well. After only a few (really numerous) mistakes it is coming together but for the back. Not sure if I want to go with an organic looking back I found or just plain black with my one block on the back. As a wall-hanging it really makes no difference. 

Any suggestions?
I hope to work on the quilting today. I need suggestions there too please?

Linking up with Alyssa over at Pileofabric Retro Rubies Quiltalong. What a fun fun quilt she designed. I want to do it again...and again! :)

VOTE Starts ......TODAY    here:

please stop and vote if you can. :)


Jen said…
I love this quilt! Your solid colors are great. I like the black for the back because it could be reversible..same but slightly different, you know? Such a cool project!
Cari said…
I just love this color combo! I agree about black for the back since it is so bold and dramatic already. As for quilting, if it were mine, I'd keep it simple, not to distract from the pattern that's there. But I'm a little stumped on what exactly I'd do. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you do!
Ramona said…
I love the colors you chose for this! I can't help you on quilting advice...I would have the same dilemma. I'd be tempted to stay with straight line quilting, but I think it's because I'd be scared of messing mine up with the quilting. If I were Angela Walters, I would choose a different design for each 'Ruby'! :-D
Have fun!
Cindy said…
I really love your colors too and with the black it looks so graphic and bold. I like the black back with your block best. Can't help ya on the quilting either. I'm going to be looking through the Flickr group for ideas when I get done with mine!!!
Pile O Fabric said…
The color palette isn't something I would have thought of myself, but I am absolutely in love with it! I would go with the black back to keep it simple and stunning, as for quilting there are lots of options :) you have seen my to options in my quilts maybe that will inspire. Thank you so much for participating!
jodydeschenes said…
kris, so glad you won alyssa's (and alyssa's husband's!) choice award - your color scheme IS gorgeous! if i made one it would be similar - love its subtlety and how somehow it also manages to highlight the secondary pattern - the rounded "boxes" in the middle - this is superb and now makes me for sure want to make one, too!! love! congrats!

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