Project Quilting - July "Independence"

Okay, I am just going to say right up front that this challenge was very hard for me. I am not really into red, white and blue and when you think of "Independence" that sort of goes hand in hand.  So...I decided not to do this challenge because nothing came to mind.  This morning (yes the night before the challenge is due) I decided to try cutting into a fabric group of fat quarters that I have been hoarding for way too long. I decided there are so many other ways of thinking of independence so why not go for it. 

July Challenge and linking up with  Project Quilting by Persimon Dreams:
"Magnolia Day"

9" x 19"

I have three coordinating fabrics of this Magnolia fabric that I love and never wanted to cut it up. I just posted to another blogger today that when you hold onto those fabrics we love, the spell it has over us can be broken when you decide to cut into them  and what you make from them you might fall in love with too. 
This is so true for this project. 
I love how this turned out.

Raw edge applique, thread painting, tiny bit of piecing, machine quilted organic lines = LOVE!
Size is odd but was chosen because that was the size of batting I had nearest my sewing machine. 

Okay, since "Independence" means :1. freedom from control by another country or organization
my project for this months challenge clearly falls in-line. I freely made a decision to do whatever I wanted for this project, cut into some long hoarded fabric, tried a few of the techniques I have been wanting to do more of and fell in 'love' with the finished piece.  I would say I asserted my 'independence' on this one. :)


Jean said…
This is very pretty...sometimes we hold onto those fabrics until just the right time! Great job!
PersimonDreams said…
This is so beautiful! AND I'm really happy you didn't go red/white/blue. Amazing!!!!
Hey you!!! SO glad you linked up...I need to be around your parts more!!! I'm always inspired when I do so!!

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