Block remake - mini trees

   Mini quilted trees happened today. 
 I have many many orphan quilt blocks that were pattern samples my mom made when she was trying blocks out.  Most of her blocks are from a picture then she makes a grid and cuts out cardboard templates.  Many times the block didn't come out exactly as she wanted.  She would fold up the block with the templates and label an envelope with the block name or idea.  I inherited boxes of these.  

 I decided to try this sort of unattractive rust color block as a sample and randomly quilted it. 
Once it was quilted I drew tree shapes on the block not caring where they fell really. I took matching thread and stitched over my drawing several times then cut them out. 
I really like the way the cuts took on sort of a wonky appearance but like it was meant to be. 

I dug out moms button box and added the button to the top and tied a string to make in to ornaments.   While my quilting is the worst part I think they turned out kind of cool. Now I will see what other blocks might work and do some more.   Maybe presents?
Actually the pictures are not great of these so I embellished this last one to try to be more festive. 

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Sue SA said…
What a great idea, you have made something lovely out of a UFO and something that can now be treasured by members of the family, because your Mum made them.
Jen said…
Yay! Cute trees too?! Love this idea, a great way to use orphan blocks!

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