Project Quilting 8.6 "Steppin' in Time"

"Steppin' in Time" 
42" x 42"

Project Quilting Season 8 final challenge is Time is Up.  I chose to do a project off of my bucket list and make a large hour glass by way of court house steps. A while ago I bought the Denyse Schmidt book and in there is a lovely courthouse step quilt.  While the concept for this is traditional and pretty simple just sewing strips around the center block it is also difficult to keep from stretching and waffling the longer strips.  The original quilt in her book is finished at about 60" and I had to stop at 42".  I took liberty with the color placements also. 

I used simple grid quilting. 
I wanted to do simple quilting because it was very hard to keep this quilt flat. In the end I had to spray baste once I squared up the steps. Tricky!

In the book that Denyse wrote, she used a small slab of print in one of her outer borders. I loved this idea and decided to use a bit of the I am a Maker fabric. Kind of a fun touch. 

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This challenge almost didn't happen for me this last week. I was on the committee for National Quilting Day March 18th at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  This was the 8th annual free day event sponsored by local quilt guilds and shops. My modern guild had so many members help with the day and so it was a wonderful event with so many helping hands. 

Linda, Jo, Me, Sheila, Rhonda and Sheree

This is a few of the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild members standing in front of our QuiltCon Charity quilt entry. This quilt is now being used to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Our theme for the quilt was Celebrate Nebraska 150 as it is our states 150th celebration AND it so happens that it is Habitat's 150th house being built in Lincoln this year also. 

For Nat'l Quilting day some of our members had an Upcycling booth. 

Many up-cycle projects were in the works including: cord scrap bowls, wool quilts, denim deboning, men's shirts and tie refurbishes and t-shirt and hankie makeovers. 

Barbara, ? Marsha and Julie

Fun day had by all! I am a little behind in posting because of this but got my challenge done in time and that is what counts!! 

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  1. Sewing straight strips sounds so easy, but they are definitely tricky! Spray basting after squaring is a great tip - thanks for sharing.

  2. whoa! I really love what you've done here! Just really interesting and I love the touch of print. Nicely done!!

  3. p.s. Would it be ok to include a photo from this post in my next newsletter? I'd link back of course...

  4. I love your version of the DS quilt. I have tried to make marker log cabin blocks before and I agree that it is really tricky to get them straight and flat.

  5. That is just gorgeous! I love your colors!

  6. This quilt is on my bucket list as well. I like your quilting choice. Nice finish!


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