WIP jumble of projects

 Section 3 of my DYO Sampler hosted by SewMamaSew  HERE and Sarah from Sarah Quits blog. I can't believe I have made it this far. It is a huge jumble in itself with so many colors and scraps.

I was able to use up the hexi applique orphan block and the churn dash orphan along with some old half square triangle blocks. I know you can't quite see the pile of scraps next to this but it is there ...trust me!
Before I started this sampler quilt I was thinking of using up some of my little scraps from making binding. I have stacks of 2.5 " squares cut out of white and so I decided to use this as a leaders and enders quilt. In only a short while I have over 200 2.5" blocks sewn and pressed up for a scrap quilt. I am really surprised how fast you can use those little scraps. The problem is...I keep making more, especially with the above scrap quilt. :)
Next in my jumbled sewing and even more jumbley sewing room is my Super Nova Friendship Block Swap blocks.
I mentioned in a previous post I signed up with Jen from her blog JenniferUndertheJuniperTree. I asked her to join me because we live really close to each other and only met through our blogs. Well we have met in person and we even went out together for a bit of quilty fun last Saturday.  Our first block swap is not until June 15th but we each had a block ready to swap.
Love, Love, Love these blocks. Mine is aqua blue and hers is the red. We  decided to do more of a rainbow colored quilt and I think we were meant to do this together...Great minds and all! Seriously ...we put solids in the same spots, a sort of goldie print in the same spots, dark in the same spots??? So (sew) fun!
You can read more about the swap hosted by Stephanie and Sandra HERE
(SuperNova quilt design by Lee from FreshlyPieced)
We also were supposed to share 25 things you don't know about me which was easy since we really didn't know much about each other going into this swap. I think we already are showing some similar tastes and love of quilting. We both lived in the far reaches of our state before settling here in the same city.  We both get a bit motion sick and we both are trying to grow things in our gardens.
We will see what the rest of the Friendship Swap is like but I think we are already going to be great friends. :)
Lastly on my WIP post today is a little project I started a few years ago for my little great niece. It was supposed to be sewn by her grandmother but it showed up at my door last week.
I have to get going on this before Lil' Miss out grows it. The duck fleece was so cute. We bought it on a trip out at Colorado, bought the trim and got it cut out shortly after that. Here it still is. I already hand stitched the facing back.  Really just need to make the belt and hem back the facing, sleeves and hem. Should not be too hard.
Linking up with WIP Wed @ Freshly Pieced HERE
Let's Bee Social with Lorna @ SewFreshQuilts HERE


Lorna McMahon said…
Looks like you are having sew much fun with that scrappy sampler quilt, Kris. I love seeing your progress each week! Those Super Nova blocks? Incredible! I could not believe they were each made by two different people. What are you guys? Twins that were separated at birth??? And that is a cute and cozy looking house coat. Hand sewing is not my favourite either, but well worth the effort!
SarahZ said…
Sew many fun, bright WIPs!!! the Friendship blocks really look like they were planned that way!!!
Jen said…
I LOVE our blocks!! I'm so happy we partnered up for this swap and I can't wait to get started on the next blocks! I am really inspired by your DYO sampler. I may have to add to my to do list!
Soma Acharya said…
Wonderful WIPs. The duck fleece is so cute, so cozy!


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