A Lovely Year of Finishes = June finished top

 I did it! I completed the top for the DYO Sampler from SewMamaSew Summer SAL designed by Sarah from Sarah Quilts HERE. I followed quite a bit of her block size layouts because I had quite a few orphan blocks that fit those sizes. 

This top is made up of some orphan blocks from the 2012 Craftsy BOM and some old blocks I learned how to make from my mom. Other blocks are just scrap pieces I put together in an improv way.  I tried to get the balance of colors to play across the quilt top. Not sure I succeeded....BUT,I did use a lot of scraps and blocks. However, like most scrap projects, I still have lots of scraps from this.   sigh.......

My goal for June was to get the top done and maybe the backing. I have a couple leftover blocks for the back that I will work into the scrappy back.  I have to wait for a bit to tackle the back because this is so much bigger than I thought it would be. It is going to be a monster for me to quilt so I might have to think on it a bit.
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A Lovely Year of Finishes



Sandy said…
That looks good!! Congrats on getting it done.
Terry said…
It's so pretty...I love those colors! :0)
Celia Ambrose said…
Wonderful design and great use of orphan blocks! Love the colors you used. Very pretty.
This is sooo unique! And I agree...your choice of colors really make this an original!
Jen said…
Nice work! It's fun to see all the different blocks together. I'm going to have to try one of these someday.
Katie said…
Cute Kris! Good job making them all fit in together

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