Spacious Beauty

"Spacious Beauty"  24"x 24" Freemotion foot spirals and space rocks! QCRuler pattern from One Wonderful Curve  by SewKindofWonderful
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Not only did I finish in the nick of time but I used scraps on the back (some of my favorites I might add) and I put a label and hanging corners. Done and Done! I love all the bright colors in this. The corners and print wedges were from the same fabric. Yummy and bright!
I have been trying to practice more freemotion and more than just straight lines which is my go to.  I have done walking foot spirals before but this one is all freemotion so I could add my space rocks in. I just played and I think it is pretty good. I have some wobbles and longish stitches but overall happy. This baby I think will go in my new sewing space because of the color alone. 
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and just a side note....***I started this year doing 20-30 minut…

Feb One monthly goal

I was able to complete a simple goal in Jan. so I am back at it again. This one will also be a small project because I also want to so the Project quilting 9th season challenges too. 
One monthly goal is a challenge set up by Patty over at Elm Street Quilts

This is a small wall hanging I made using the Quick Curve Ruler and fabrics from my stash. I am practicing freemotion quilting with Jess @Quilty Habit so maybe I can do some on this little project. 
I forgot to mention on my goal finish link that I was also successful at wearing yoga clothes everyday at some point, and completed 31 days of yoga exercises for back and hips. I am amazed at how many more movements I can do. Working on knees and other parts as I cruise on into Feb.  And I actually read or listened to 11 books. It feels good to have my concentration working a bit better to be able to do this again.  I used to read a ton of books and health issues took that away. I particpated in my local library month of reading and logged…

One monthly goal Jan finish -Old red barn

"old red barn" Improv using orphan hst blocks  37"x34"
It is finished! I will say I usually never have trouble with binding but I cut it too narrow and paid for it in a bit of wonky at the corners but the best part it is done. I didn't think I was going to make it since this is the last day of the month. 
I actually really like how the orphan blocks worked into the piece with some other blocks I made.  It is a reminder of my old farm place when I was younger with a big red barn and windmill next to it. We had a silo too but it was blue not read but I wanted to keep my color palette. If you don't see a barn, silo and windmill that is okay. Never know where my mind travels but I do like the composition itself. 
Here is the link for the original POST
You too can join the One Monthly goal challenge at Elm Street Quilts just click on over and get ready for Feb. 

Used up some stash fabric in keeping with the black and white theme. 

Simple quilting of straight line grids.…

Project Quilting 9.2 Triangulation or something close

After the post I wrote about "just doing" something I was motivated to participate in this weeks Project Quilting 9.2 Challenge at Persimon Dreams. It is nothing to write home to mother about but I want to use some things I have. I found a new package of the Tri-Recs rulers and grabbed a bunch of fabric and Ta-Da!

The challenge was called Triangulation.  So Triangles I did!! This is approx 39" x 48" which is a great size for a local chapter of Quilts for Kids to accept. Two birds with one stone as they say. 

Simple quilting lines with red violet thread and done. Machine binding went pretty quick. 

I think I should have done more quilting but I washed it already and I like how soft it is. I am sure some little girl that is sick and spending time in a hospital will snuggle with it just fine. 
I intended to get outside and take some kind of fun picture with this newly finished piece but alas.....I have some hot moist heat on my knees right now for some therapy I am trying …

Projects and other daily distractions.......

So here we are almost to the end of the first month of 2018. I do not have much to show for it because I have spent most of my time keeping my head calm and my body together.   The year did not start out the way I thought it would. I avoided most planning endeavors and goal setting activities. These things I have looked forward to in the past, Until they n-e-v-e-r turned out the way I had planned. When it comes to quilting that is not a bad thing, but when it happens over and over in daily life then...not so much! 
It is not all doom and gloom around here though.  I have been attempting simple yoga for 26 days in a row now.  Go Me!!!!  I am slowing finishing kitchen/dining remodel last bits and I have cleared some things out of my mind that I just do not have to do. Saying 'no' has been the hardest but I am trying to stick to it. 
I am adopting a theme when it comes to sewing, quilting/making. It stems from my mom when she felt she always should be doing something.  Could be a b…

Jan One monthly goal

In the spirit of not putting too much pressure on myself I decided to join One monthly goal at Elm Street Quilts. Basically you pick one thing to finish this month and blog about it and link to party. Then at the end of the month you link your finished blog post. One item. That works for me. 
I am going to start with a simple project I started in Nov at my lqg sew day. 

We brought some orphan blocks and we sewed and cut and sewed and cut and made something else. I think this is pretty fun so I am going to run with it.

A few of my favorite things.....

as I reflect on the year and get ready for the new one. I started 2017 full of spunk and was able to sew and finish a few things. As we got closer to the end of March it was obvious that we had to start our kitchen/dining room remodel.  I don't have pictures of tearing out steps and laying new floor or moving a door in the dining room but I did take a few shots of the kitchen. It changed from a lovely harvest gold to modern grey and white.  No outside windows in the kitchen made this a huge challenge. I wanted to get enough light in but because of our roof (which also got replaced during this time) we were limited to what we could add.  
Most walls were replaced. Soffit was taken out. 
Taller cabinets were installed. 
Currently have tile up and grouted this week but waiting to put sealer on. So exciting to be almost done.  We upcycled an old cabinet into a movable island and we love it. A small saddle stool fits under the back. I need to order one more for me but my hubs can sit and e…