A tale of two Quilt Guilds

My two local Modern Guilds had a mini quilt swap between them. We met up last Saturday to exchange the quilts and have a bit of meet and greet.  There were 15 from each guild that signed up to swap. My partner and I chatted by email and FB and then met up on a sew day.
"Bad Romance" on the Left is my sample "Just Dance" on the Right is my finished swap piece Fun at the park on this photo shoot. I could not resist the bicycle wheels on the dinosaur.   

My partner suggested colors of blue green, green blue, greens, burgundy and mustard. I tried to come up with a soothing combination for her. We tried to pick a page number and then find a quilt book with something good on that page. I was stuck The only thing that was remotely possible was a simple drunkards path block. Then I found Tula Pink's book in my stash.  I found in the book this Eclipse pattern. 

Straight line quilting

I also included a piece of fabric from my stash that I have hoarded for a very long time. It…

Dahlia Dreams and the process of learning

'Dahlia Dream" approx 30"x 31" freezer paper pieced, applique  This dahlia was an ordeal. Several years ago I came across this pattern made with freezer paper.  The colors are chosen the freezer paper pattern pieces are drawn and cut out by hand, ironed to the strips of fabric and then you sew the whole thing together without seeing the front. yep.....

Soooo much paper must be taken off. Lots of missed points were revealed. I didn't remember this being an issue the last time I made one. It didn't want to lay flat either so I had to applique it onto another fabric and I came up with doing a bias tape trim around the circle. I was able to get it flat.  That is one good thing I guess. With all the mishaps I decided to experiment with some quilting in outside corners but quickly gave that up to. 
It looks okay in places. I went ahead and finished it because I love the colors and the process even though it is not quality it has a value to me.

Sometimes you just have…

Remember when

I joined the New Blogger Blog Hop 2013?  (Check it out, I think my answers are still the same as what I wrote about then)
Wow that seems so long ago.  Guess what? I still love blogging about what I am doing creatively. This year it has been kind of a bumpy road getting back into quilting. I never stopped but had many delays last year because my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen and dining area ourselves. 

This year I have been working on catching up with many outreach and charity projects.  I planned a project for our local National Quilting Day Celebration at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  Two quilts were made and donated to the local Child Advocacy Center.  Read more here about Love of every day things

I taught a class to help guild members be more confident with using the Quick Curve Ruler made by Sew Kind of Wonderful
This quilt made by members of the classes and 
the quilts you see HERE and HERE and HERE and yes............HERE all went to local chapter…

plus Six makes EIGHT

makes 8. I was able to take some time since last months sew day for Quilts for Kids and get these beauties put together and quilted.  On our sew day in June several ladies brought squares to swap with some of mine to make the 3 scrappy quilts on the left. We used Allisons Tutorial: Easy stack cut and sew blocks over at Cluck Cluck Sew.  These 6 plus the other two I previously made this year HERE and HERE make 8!  Happy 8th Birthday Lincoln Quilts for kids group!!!

Here are some of the blocks we made during the day. 

I went to visit my sister one day and she helped me prepare for the sew day. We cut enough blocks for several quilts. 

You can see how fun the blocks are when they are coordinated or when they are scrappy! And they go together fast. I would recommend this as a group project. 
After quilting those in 3 days I had a feeling that my sewing machine might need some love. It is currently in for service. I am using my Babylock Jane to free-motion quilt another project. I don't want…

A Celebration Sew Day

Saturday June 16th is a celebration of the 8th year of the local chapter of Quilts for Kids Lincoln.   We have a small group that meets at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum on the 3rd Saturday of each month. It is a lovely location open to the public that visit the quilt house. 

I am doing a short demo on the tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew on Easy stack cut and sew blocks. The above piece is a sample I made up for a boy quilt. Those are sometimes hard to come by. 

Organic wavy line quilting goes fast and easy.

Quilts for kids label...check!

pieced back with a few left over strips.

Sadly it was super hot out and I have a hurt foot so I didn't go scouting for a good photo area. I stuck to the shade in the front yard.  eh..
So to get ready for the demo and sew day I took to my stash pile and decided to cut out squares for a variety of blocks. I think this tutorial will work well as a scrap quilt so anyone that comes can just grab a couple squares and sew up two coordinating bloc…

Sorta simple, sorta necessary

Recently got back from a vacation in Mexico. It was really beautiful but really humid and hot. Getting caught up on laundry and needed to get to a fix it project I have been putting off. My husband's jeans tear out on right pocket because that is where he clips he tape. 

A while ago I came up with using a piece of sample book vinyl fabric. I was given this glue (miraculous stuff) from a neighbor. This stuff sticks quick and you can sew. This is a super hard to get to place so stitching is not perfect but no matter. It works!

My work here is done...well after I did about 5 pairs!! :)

and now ...........siesta time!
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I am number four

Another quilt for my 'stash bash' week of quilt making. 
This quilt was actually started back after the new year when I bought myself the Classic Curve Ruler by Colorgirl Quilts

This is the 4th quilt I finished in about a week from my stash. I posted about the others here at Triple Stash bash

I had started the pink arc blocks but that pink fabric was what I want to call a little 'squiggie'. It was fine until you tried the curve and all the arc is curve. ha So I put it away and decided today that finished is better than perfect. hmm.....wonder where i have heard that before (angela walters)

I am trying every angle to get my beautiful peony in the picture because it looks so cool with the quilt colors. 

Another one going to Quilts for Kids Lincoln Ne chapter. 
Scrappy, squiggie, stash bashing, and done!  It's all good. 
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Triple Stash Bash

After finishing the community quilts last week I suddenly have the ability to work on some of my own projects.  First up trying to use up some of the fabrics I have out of my stash.  The tulip quilts are from a recently viewed Jenny Doan video. The tulip block uses some 5" charm packs and I happened to have one that is not exactly my style. So...."little house on the prairie" charms went into those. The rest is just scraps and bits that were big enough to fill in.  Since my style is a bit more modern I wanted to see if I could successfully mix those tiny calico prints with some little more contemporary fabrics.  What do you think?

Tulip one

Tulip two

Now this one is a fun stack and whack type quilt. Tutorial can be found over at Cluck Cluck Sew. This really is a super fun quilt to make with whatever scraps you might have around. These fabrics I scrounged up were each 9" square to start. I found 2 sort of contrasting pieces and they became opposites once you see how the …