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 I am a Maker
24" x 24"
pattern by Liz Harvantine  HERE
matchstick quilting

I have loved this pattern since it came out and this is my third time in making the small wall hanging size.   It is really fun to make.  This piece was inspired by a piece of text fabric that a friend who happens to be co-chair of this quilt show, gave me a few weeks ago. It has text and sheet music on it. Then I found some fabric that has sewing pattern terms and quilt blocks on it. Some fabric with writing, photography, architecture and diagrams and put them all together to represent the makers of many beautiful things.

This wall hanging will be donated to one of my local quilt guilds for their quilt show auction coming up Oct 6-8 to raise money for the guild.   I might have to buy it back I love it so much! If you are in Lincoln Ne during that time stop by to see the show or bid on a favorite piece to own. 

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  1. Beautifully done. I really like the teal as the compliment with the low volume, black, and gray fabrics. You ARE a maker! :)

  2. oh I adore this!! Is it hard to match the seams on this one? I really love your version!

  3. This is beautiful; I love the palette and the scrappy low-volume background!

  4. Lovely! The match stick quilting is perfect

  5. Lovely! The match stick quilting is perfect

  6. This is really beautiful. The fabrics all work so well together, and the quilting is perfection!

  7. Wonderful fabric choices, this looks perfect, love it!

  8. This is stunning. Love the colour choices. You've inspired me to do this pattern again with prints.

  9. You do such a nice job with this pattern - just gorgeous!!


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