On the side

A week ago while at the county fair a small group of lovely ladies gathered to sew on some quilts for Lincoln Quilts for Kids. The vintage look fabrics were donated to this organization to make some sweet quilts.  I thought it would be fun to do a scrappy trip quilt using Bonnie Hunters Tutorial.  

Part of the fun of working on a quilt at the fair or anywhere out in the community is to see the wonder in the eyes of the children who come up and watch you sew. The interest in their eyes gives me faith that the art of quilting will keep passing on.  It was really a fun experience. 

I found the whole experience so rewarding and fitting as I am co-chair on a lqg challenge for their show this year. The theme of the show is "Celebrate Community".  I truly believe that each of us with the love of sewing and the love of quilting should share what we know and do at every opportunity.  Part of being in this lovely world of the quilting community is supporting and helping where we live. 

How do you "Celebrate community" where you live?


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