Cheese and other Dreams...


Cheese and other Dreams.........
approx 32" x 32"

I decided to do the Quilts my Way Sew all Around Quilt Along with Gosia. I am sure you have seen some of her work and so you know she is very talented. She is calling this wall hanging Lemon Juice. I was thinking of that when I was picking out my fabrics but the periwinkle grunge and my hand dyed yellows made me think of cheese and the moon.  Really a fun quick project. I love the graphic frames created with the two shades of gray. I did not pin...I admit it. I got out my glue pen and glued the pieces together in about 25 minutes and they were ready to sew and press. So quick and fun. 

I used the walking foot on my BabyLock Jane but realized it does not have a seam bar so I had to mark all my 1" quilting rows. I love my Hera marker and my neighbor gave me a super long acrylic ruler. All worked like a charm. 

In other progress, I dug out 2 quilts I had started back in January for my local Lincoln Quilts for Kids group. 

This is some fun minion fabric that I used in the simple blocks. I could not take a flat picture because of the wind and I want to deliver these 2 tomorrow so I just went with this. *Note...I had to crawl through some brush and climb up a berm to get out of the wind to take this!! :)

This one was a partical piece of lattice work that someone else made and I was gifted it at a white elephant exchange. It actually was in two parts and so I made two quilts with it. One last year I believe. Finally got this one put together. 
Still windy but this was a tiny bit better so I grabbed a couple more shots to show how I just color blocked some fabric to make this wide enough to be a nice kids size quilt.  Simple quilting of organic lines across quilt. 
Plus everything is turning green after the rains last week. 

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  1. I love the bright, happy colors in the lattice quilt. It will make a wonderful kids quilt!

  2. You made that lattice work. It's great!

  3. I adore the moon cheese quilt! Great color combination. And hooray for nice weather so we can take fun quilt photos!

  4. Your lattice quilt is such fun--perfect for a kid's quilt. The moon is made of cheese...or fabric that looks like cheese? Love the quilt! It's so pretty.

  5. The curves are a big challenge, not for me. But your quilt is great as well as the last waving one.

  6. Lovely fabric combination, Kris. Perfect quilting !

  7. What a lovely mini, I really like the way the background creates a grid under the circles. You chose a lovely setting for your quilt pics, and it was well worth your crawling and climbing effort. Your quilting was well worth all the extra effort in marking and is probably neater than using a guide too.

  8. Cheese...I love! Quilt form or cheese form...this is gorgeous!


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