Under the Rug - a scrappy finish!

 Under the Rug - A scrappy strings challenge

"Under the Rug" approx 52" x 64"
String scraps
Batting scraps cut into various sizes
Batting foundation pieced 

One of my local quilt guilds had a challenge to do a modern string quilt. I admit I have several different style of string based quilts going on already and didn't want to start something new. I decided to use a stack of left over strings from my Steppin in time (courthouse steps quilt).  Those and some leftover black and white prints plus the addition of the center black and white wavy stripe helped make this rug like quilt.  

This is what I have left. It started out a huge neatly folded pile. I think of the color stack there is only 1 or 2 full width strings left. I had about 45 to start. Progress in my scrap pile!!

I was finally able to take some time making some photos happen. This was a huge pile of debris branches the park and piled up in the culvert. It sort of made me sad because it IS a culvert for drainage and 'not' for debris. I had a thought that my quilt would be perfect there because much of it was made from leftovers and the batting foundation blocks were salvaged from a variety of bits cut off of previous quilts. I thought to use them in various sizes to see how they played with scale and what I am calling alternative gridwork which changes the perspective when you look at the straight on view at the top of this post.  So here is what is under my quilt...

This is how my foundation batting looks. It can be stretchy so you have to handle carefully but I think it works. 

My venture in the park was super fun. I did collect a huge amount of dried weed stick pods embedded in my clothes, quilt, and skin but it was worth it. 

Backing is a piece of home decor fabric I bought ages ago when Hancock Fabric closed. It was something like $4 or less a yard and it is 54" wide and really gives this a rug feel. 

Love this photo out in the wild of a rug that is bright and bold in the current not yet spring out of doors. 

While I was working on this an online bee group that I follow did a block prompt for their next bee quilt. The prompt was "kilim". From Wikipedia a kilim  is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Ottoman EmpireIranAzerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs. Modern kilims are popular floor-coverings in Western households.

What a fun prompt for a block. I think my quilt fits this nicely. 


Preeti said…
Gorgeous, fabulous. Love it. It is a string quilt, unlike I have ever seen before. Goes to show that with the right fabrics you can take an old pattern and make it modern and chic!!! Kudos to you.
Debbie said…
It DOES fit the prompt! ;-) How fun to read your connection after making my own Kilim block for Marci. Love that you used leftovers to make this beauty!
jen said…
Looks great! I love the colors and the movement in the design. Congrats on the finish!
Tammy Stack said…
This is amazing! So modern.
Pat said…
This is wonderful. It breathes new life into string quilts.
B Williams said…
Do you have a link to the pattern for this? It’s an amazing quilt and I would so love to make one to gift to an artist friend. Thanks.
Kris said…
There is no pattern as it was made from scraps and just came together as I went.

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