Front to Back Binding by Glue Basting

Back to Front Binding How-to

  •     It is best to cut the batting for your quilt as close to the front size of your quilt. If that is not possible before quilting make sure your quilting does not go beyond the front of the quilt top.  Your backing should measure 1” beyond your top and batting on all sides.


  • 2.    Fold over the outer edge of the backing on one side, bringing the raw edge of the backing to meet the raw edge of the top and batting.  Continue all the way around giving a crease line to that fold on all sides.

  • 3.    Go back to your first side.  Press the fold over onto the front of your quilt top.  At this point you can either pin the binding in place or try a washable glue to baste down the binding to the front. Glue, fold and then press, leaving off glue before the last 1” or so.  This gives you enough space to work on the mitered corner but if you glue too far it will just come back open with a slight tug.

  • 4.    Take the ironed corner and fold it  up to the raw edge of your quilt top and binding. Press. 

  • 5.    Now you are ready to fold your next side up along the creased line and fold one more time up onto the quit top. Pin or glue in place and press.  The thickness in the corner might take some manipulating to get the mitered corner to come together properly.  After you have it where you want it you can glue baste it down along that side leaving off about an 1” or so before the next corner. 

  • 6.    Top stitch the binding in place.   I use a stiletto to feed the bulk of the miter under the presser foot to keep it lined up.


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